Are your social media feeds making you want to get on the next plane to an exotic destination? Do you find yourself daydreaming about exciting adventures? If you suffer from wanderlust, then a world trip maybe the solution.

Stop procrastinating and start doing.

Everyone believes in themselves that their situation is special. That they have no influence on certain events in their lives and that they cannot travel for reasons X, Y or Z. A positive mindset and decisiveness is not as self-evident as it seems. Motivating yourself is difficult and requires a lot of effort. How do you motivate yourself to really travel the world?


In 2022 we (Chris and Malou - owners of Wereldreizigers.nl), for a year at the overland / roadtrippen by the USA en Canada. Organizing this trip was not easy! For example, consider arranging a long-term US visa for 12 months. Then shipping the camper, arrange everything at home and our motorhome insurance in America, just to name a few things. After that we had to organize the whole trip and design the ultimate roadtrip route through America while keeping seasons in mind!


To prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime, we've written some comprehensive world travel guides to get you started. We help you save for a world trip, plan a world trip, map out a world travel route and everything that comes with it.


Are you curious why we chose our 4×4 world tour camper, what it looked like when we bought it and what we have renovated on the interior? Curious about the underlying technology of the car and how we can still have hot water without gas? You can read all about it in the three articles below!


What is the difference between continents and continents? Whether you want to know now how many countries there are in the world, what the largest countries in the world are or you are wondering what the 7 wonders of the world we have the answers to all these questions.

You are never too old to learn. Do you want to learn more about the world? Then take a look at our worldly page and amaze everyone on the next birthday or game night with your general knowledge!


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