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Things to Do in Mirissa | 6x fun hotspots and activities

As I mentioned before in the blog Backpacking Sri Lanka we combined Sri Lanka with the Maldives† We are real beach lovers and Mirissa was by far my favorite seaside resort in Sri Lanka† From this cute town you can enjoy all kinds of activities for both indoor and outdoor activities in one of the nearby coastal towns. Curious which activities we have all been able to cross off our list? Then read on quickly and enjoy all the tips!

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Why should you visit Mirissa?

Mirissa is known for its beautiful beaches, many turtles and fun activities. This southern coastal town is a mecca for backpackers. In addition to the many sights, Mirissa is also bustling with delicious eateries and nice bars. For the foodies among us, this is the place to be to enjoy both typical Sri Lankan cuisine and a healthy smoothie bowl. Mirissa is an attractive coastal town and is also very centrally located about 150 kilometers from Colombo.

Do you want to travel straight to Mirissa from the airport? Keep in mind that it will take you about 2,5 to 3 hours by taxi. You will also find many hostels and hotels. In other words, the perfect beach destination! Below I share 6 activities that you can undertake.

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Things to Do in Mirissa

1. Learn to surf in Weligama

That Sri Lanka is known for the good surf spots I think almost everyone knows that. If you want to learn to surf, it is recommended to start in Weligama. Here you can start calmly and in a number of places the waves are not super high, which will save you a number of cups. Weligama is a half hour drive from Mirissa by tuk-tuk. It is the ideal surfing destination and you can even take a surf lesson for a small fee.

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Surfing Sri Lanka

2. Massages in Mirissa

Do you want to completely relax during your holiday? Then go to one of the wellness centers in Mirissa for a massage. During every holiday I always try to have a massage at least once. This always makes for an even more relaxed feeling!

3. Coconut Tree Hill | Instagram hotspot

During your stay in Mirissa you should definitely visit the famous palm tree spot, or Coconut Tree Hill. Even if it's just to watch. It is a beautiful and I think also the most famous place in Mirissa, many Instagrammers take pictures here. It is located on a cliff at the very end of the beach and is full of palm trees. The palm trees and the red sand in combination with the sea in the background gives a nice effect on the photo. So do you want to shoot some nice holiday snaps? Then stop by here.

palm trees spot Mirissa

4. Whale watching | The Blue Whale

Whale watching is one of the coolest things I've ever done. And especially the blue whale! This is one of those cases that you would love to hear from you bucketlist want to cross off. Personally, I don't like tourist attractions, but when we got the tip to admire this beautiful large animal on a boat for a maximum of 6 people, we certainly couldn't resist. If you are in Mirissa then this is something you should definitely do! Do you want to know with whom we booked this trip? Read my full blog '6 must dos in Sri Lanka, Mirissa'.

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5. Street art | Murals

Street art aka Murals, I love it. Whichever city you visit you will always find one. One is just more unique than the other, but each painting has its own story. In Mirissa you will find a lot of cool murals. I think one of the most famous murals in Mirissa is the large peacock painted on the wall of Palm Villa Peacock by a Russian artist Bozik. The murals are an incredibly fun background to play with for a great holiday snapshot!

6. Dining on the Beach

When evening falls and it gets dark, the beach clubs put the candles on the table and you can dine on the beach with your feet in the sand. The ultimate way to end your day in a relaxed way.

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