Croatia is a country that has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination in recent years. And frankly, that's completely right. There are more than a thousand islands along the coast in Croatia, most of which are uninhabited. And did you know that the famous explorer Marco Polo is originally from Croatia? This Balkan country with its extensive history has everything it takes to become a top European destination. Sun-drenched beaches, phenomenal nature reserves and stately cities, you name it! The country, which was once part of Yugoslavia, has been an independent state since 1991 and is now firmly rooted in Croatian soil.

Zagreb, capital of Croatia

The capital of this country that borders, among other things, Hungary and Slovenia, has grown into a modern metropolis with trendy shops, a vibrant business center and high-quality universities. Zagreb never stands still, there are parties, events and swinging festivals here almost every week. And how about it Advent Zagreb event at Christmas? But there are more cities that appeal to the Croatian imagination. Old Dubrovnik and dreamy Sibenik or Split are three cities where you can walk around for hours without getting bored. Porec with its green surroundings and Rovinj with winding narrow streets are also perfect business cards of this beautiful country.

Nature Attractions in Croatia

The nature in this country is simply overwhelming. Travel to Dalmatia and discover the Adriatic coast. Pasjaca Beach is perhaps the most beautiful, exclusive beach in Europe. Or visit Slavonia, the historic area in the east of the country. Istria is perhaps the most beautiful part of Croatia. Wonderful beaches, authentic villages, the rugged coastline; once you arrive it will take a lot of effort to turn your back on this outstanding area.

Culture and History in Croatia

Besides beautiful nature you will also find a lot of culture and history in Croatia. Croatia has a rich history. You will therefore also see this in the various historical remains that you will find throughout the country.

The Basilica of Euphrasius is an impressive building that you definitely want to visit as a backpacker. The basilica is located in Porec. The building consists of an atrium, a baptistery, a basilica with the palace, the bishop's chapel and several historical layers. You will find different floor mosaics in this basilica. This is an impressive place to visit.

Diolecian's Palace is the best preserved historic building in Croatia. This palace is made entirely of the stones of the island of Brac. The palace is located in the city of Split. The palace is located right in the center of Split. Today, you can find several art exhibits in the palace.

Best time to visit Croatia

It is best to travel to Croatia in spring or autumn. This is because around this time there are not so many tourists and the weather is not too hot. If you like to go out, it is best to go in the summer. Festivals are regularly held there.

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Croatia is a country that has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination in recent years. And frankly, that's absolutely right. Along the coast in Croatia are more than a thousand islands, most of them uninhabited...

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