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Camper trip through Croatia | The ultimate route + places for wild camping (video)

Few countries offer as much variety as Croatia† With a 1.800 km long coast, 1200 islands and 2.500 hours of sunshine per year, it is the ideal destination for a motorhome.roadtrip† In this blog we take you on our camper trip through Croatia with our route, nice places to visit and places to camp in the wild.

Happy faces on the top of Vojak mountain, the highest point in Istria, during our motorhome trip through Croatia

Wild Camping in Croatia

Our tip: experience the real van life by going on a motorhome trip through Croatia in the spring or autumn. In the high season, you can of course also count on extra costs for overnight stays at campsites, because unfortunately wild camping is officially prohibited in Croatia. And you want to pay attention to the costs because before you know it you are addicted to #Vanlife.

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The ultimate motorhome trip through Croatia (video)

In this episode: The ultimate camper roadtrip Croatia (shown at the top of this page), you can see what it's like to make a camper trip through Croatia in 2,5 months. In addition, you can see which highlights you want to visit and which cool places to sleep you should not miss during your next Croatia roadtrip!

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Croatia camper trip route

From Amsterdam it is about 1.400 km to Croatia. Great trip and comparable to driving to Spain. The advantage of a motorhome trip through Croatia is that you don't have to drive the whole part in one go, after all you have your own bed with you. And we can tell you; you get used to sleeping in weird places, if you do it often enough.


Once you have crossed the border, you start on the Istrian peninsula. Here you will find old Roman cities, cute mountain villages, several protected nature reserves and great local products such as olive oil, truffles and wine. A visit to Istria is of course not complete without a visit to the beach. Here the long coast is characterized by the clear blue water and the small pebble beaches. So don't forget to bring your water shoes and snorkel set!

Istria, Croatia
Istria, Croatia

In the town of Umag you will find the most beautiful beaches of Istria. That is why we have with the camper overnight at the town of Lovrecica, Umag. Please note, wild camping in Croatia is officially not allowed. You therefore run the risk of a fine.

Coordinates: 45.3883, 13.5331 (lat, Ing) N 45o 23' 18'' E 13o 31' 59'' (lat, Ing)
A motorhome trip through Croatia makes it possible to spend the night in many different places
And to have a different backyard every day!

During our sleep, we find places with the Park4Night app, by zooming in on Google maps satellite or simply by shooting into one of the many country roads.

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We find places to sleep with the Park4Night app
We find places to sleep with the Park4Night app
Our Croatia roadtrip starts from mid-August and ends in October. Mainly high season.


We travel past the quaint town of Rovinj. Here we visit our friends who are camping nearby. After the wonderful holiday together and the unforgettable snorkeling adventure during our boat trip along Rovinj, we say goodbye. We continue our Croatia roadtrip and drive on to the largest city on the Istrian peninsula; pula.



The city of Pula feels very Italian because of the many Roman buildings and the Amphitheater. In addition, the Amphitheater dominates the street scene and that is allowed because it is one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world. We park Petje in a parking lot of a shopping center against the city and take the bicycles to make a round through the city to check off all the highlights of Pula.


Vojak, Ucka Natural Park

We continue our Croatia roadtrip to our last stop in Istria, the Ucka Natural Park. A nice hike is planned here, namely to the highest point in all of Istria; the 1400 meter high Vojak mountain. Because from the top you have a beautiful 360 degree view and with a little luck you can see many islands, the city of Venice and even the tops of the Italian Dolomites.

Vojak, Ucka Natural Park
Vojak, Ucka Natural Park

As you could see in the YouTube film, things went completely wrong for us during this hike.. We recommend that you prepare a little better than we do… Haha, or would this happen to you too?

Hiking trails lead to the top of the mountain from almost every town on the Opatija Riviera. These are often also perfect places to spend the night with the camper and literally wake up at the beginning of the hiking route!

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In our YouTube movie you get some important Tips from Pet about it National Park Plitvice. We found, via our favorite app, an abandoned motorhome which was a great place to spend the night and only have to drive a few kilometers early the next morning to get to the park early.

Plitvice National Park
Visit outside the high season!


Tip from Pet: Because we travel in the high season, we sometimes got a little tired of the crowds. And a good tip is to drive inland looking for non-touristy places. Here are mainly the real camper gems where you can relax for a few days. And we do that before our Croatia roadtrip continues to the south. And we are surprised with a nice visit..

Our camper spot
Our camper spot

Next highlights in blog 2 Croatia

In our next blog we will share the other highlights that we visit during our motorhome trip through Croatia. We have seen and experienced so much that the YouTube film has also been cut in two! Enjoy part 1, let us know what you think and if you have any questions, you know where to find us! 

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  • Haha so recognizable, driving blindly to a P4N spot, we too, with sweat in the buttocks, barely returned to the normal road via a nasty gravel path.

  • Hi Janice, What a nice compliment, thank you! 🙂 Will there probably also be recognizable places? Beautiful and diverse country, so you won't be bored for a moment even in 2,5 months! Part 2 will be online soon, so you might also find nice and new tips there, for when you go back next year. Were you there with the camper?

  • Ha Wouter, nice to read that you will use it as inspiration for your trip! Have you ever been to Croatia with a camper? Did you also watch the movie? Part 2 is still out so you can also add the rest of the route to your trip 😉 (recommended!) Slovenia also seems to be beautiful indeed! It's still on our list.

  • heeeeeeeere! what a great video you made. We were there last summer and this really takes me back. I think we have to go again next year because we still missed a lot!

  • Nice route, ideal as inspiration to travel to Slovenia and Croatia with your camper this summer

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