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With its capital Prague, the Czech Republic already has one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. If you've been there and walked through the beautiful historic center, you'll understand why. You go from one surprise to the next. Majestic buildings that breathe history, atmospheric squares with nice restaurants, the Charles Bridge and the countless interesting museums. Nevertheless, the Czech Republic is a fantastic holiday destination even without Prague. The Giant Mountains of Krkonose, Moravia and Bohemia are wonderful destinations, both in summer and winter.

Winter sports enthusiasts and summer guests

The Czech Republic is a country with a fascinating history. The stories of this can be found in the cities and small villages such as Brno or Trebon. Castles, fortresses and ruins show fragments from the rich Czech history. Rivers such as the Vltava, the Oder and the Elbe traverse this verdant land once called Czechoslovakia. Nature is more versatile and surprising than you might think. The mountains near the Polish border, for example, are ideal destinations for seasoned winter sports enthusiasts. A holiday in the Czech Republic at one of the countless lakes in Bohemia offers you all the cooling you need in a hot summer.

Noodles with cabbage

The grayness of the past is disappearing more and more from the Czech landscape and from the cities. Slowly but surely more and more residential barracks and industry are disappearing in the Czech Republic and more and more modern houses and beautiful villas are being built. Of course you can still see the local markets everywhere in the Czech Republic where you can find the real Czech food. Noodles with cabbage for example. Also stop in authentic towns such as Pilsen and Ostrava and admire the real Czech Republic.

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