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Monaco | so much to see and do in one of the smallest countries in the world 

Monaco: a tiny country with lots to do 

Size doesn't matter, they say in English. The same can be said of Monaco. With only a little more than 2 square kilometers, this Principality is finished second smallest country in the world, after Vatican City. But in that small area there are a lot of sights to see and nice things to do. It is sometimes complained that it is all on the expensive side here, but if you are smart you will buy a French Riviera Pass or another discount card. 

The Oceanographic Museum 

People sometimes forget that Monaco is a coastal town. Even if you've visited an aquarium elsewhere, the oceanographic museum here is still worth a visit. There is a nice variety between the aquariums and the other pieces. Everything is set up in an educational way, but also playful because the young audience should also feel at home here. Here you will discover some unique specimens. Especially the part outside with the turtles is really nice.  

The Princely Palace 

You have to climb a bit to get here, but you are treated to a breathtaking view. Be sure to take a guided tour here with an audio guide so that you can experience all the interesting details about the palace and the principality. You can experience the changing of the guard shortly before noon; not as famous as the one in London but still nice to look at. 

The cathedral 

Monaco is an archdiocese and that includes a pompous house of worship. Even the name “Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate Conception” is a mouthful! One of the altars is built in Carrara marble and is breathtakingly beautiful. The organ is also worth seeing, especially at night when it is illuminated by hundreds of LED lights. Be sure to check out the altarpiece dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The current cathedral was built on the remains of a church dedicated to the holy man, so this piece of art really fits here. 

The casino of Monte Carlo 

It is the most famous casino in the world and has been featured in several movies over the years. Before you even enter, you will be amazed by the endless procession of supercars that stop in front of those famous doors. However, you don't have to be a high roller to enjoy a few games as you will find exactly the same slots and table games as you could play on the best online gambling sites on your smartphone. 

Prince Reinier III's private car collection 

You've never seen so much dazzling chrome together in one place. You will not only find old stately carriages and cute vintage cars, some of which still have authentic oil lamps, but also interesting recent models. Of course, no Formula 1 cars should be missing here either. The old photos showing the princely family using the cars are also fun to look at. 

Relaxing in the Japanese Gardens 

If you are looking for a moment of peace, away from the hectic environment, then step into a completely different world. The Japanese Gardens are beautifully landscaped and immaculately cared for. Especially the water features and the colorful koi fish are fun to watch. 

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