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Looking for inspiration for an adventurous trip to Germany?

Are you looking for inspiration for an adventurous trip to Germany† Germany has never been very high on our 'lists', but during our trip through the Moselle region, Germany has conquered our hearts. Less than a 4-hour drive from Utrecht, your adventurous journey to Germany begins in one of the most beautiful places in Germany.

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Adventure trip to Germany

Anyone who has been following our travel stories for a while knows that we love hiking, one of the few activities that you can also do well in this time. That's how we walked in it Cinque Terre and we were looking forward to our next hike during our lockdown in Greece† From the moment we knew that our journey would start in Germany, we also knew what our first activity would be. The Calmont via ferrata.

The Calmont via ferrata

If you want to make an adventurous trip to Germany, the Calmont Klettersteig cannot be missed. This is one of the most beautiful hikes we made during our tour. We would absolutely recommend this one, first of all because of the amazing view during the hike. You literally walk on narrow steep paths through the vineyards while you have an amazing view of the Moselle in the meantime. The highlight is the most photogenic point of the hike where the Moselle makes a 180 degree bend right in front of you.

It also appealed to us that the hike is very accessible, despite the fact that it is a 'Klettersteig'. So nice to try this way of hiking! For example, the distance from the starting point to the end point is about 3 kilometers one way. You can choose to walk back the same route, again with the amazing view, or if you've climbed enough you can walk back via the flat road along the winding Moselle. But if you really want to make that adventurous trip to Germany, then you probably choose the adventurous route, right?

Despite the fact that it is a Klettersteig, the route is very doable. In total you will bridge about 50 vertical meters and you will receive help from applied attributes along the way. Along the way you will come across various steel stairs that help you to continue your way or steel cables that guide you safely over narrow ledges.

This hike has many aspects in it and that is what makes it so much fun! The speed, variety, obstacles, amazing environment and views. Oh, and you can even taste a glass of wine along the way. In our blog you can read all about the Calmont via ferrata.

Geierlay suspension bridge

Do you want an adventurous trip to Germany, but do you think the Klettersteig is too much of a good thing? Then the Geierlay hanging bridge might be something for you. About half an hour's drive from the Calmont Klettersteig you will find the Geierlay hanging bridge. This suspension bridge was taken into use in 2015 and is immediately the longest pedestrian bridge in Germany.

But, of course, that's not what makes it adventurous. This bridge is very cool and adventurous, because of its enormous height! Not a good idea for people with a fear of heights. From the bridge you have a beautiful view over the valley, which provides a beautiful picture in every season. But that's certainly not the only thing. You can combine a visit to the bridge with a beautiful hike in the area. Absolutely worth it.

What to expect?

The suspension bridge has a total length of about 360 meters and takes you from Mörsdorf to Sosberg at a height of 100 meters. Because it is perhaps the most famous suspension bridge in Germany and there are clearly more people taking an adventurous trip to Germany, you are not alone.

When we were there we had to wait about an hour before we were allowed to cross the bridge. This was due to the one-way traffic on the bridge, which changes sides every hour. So you do need a little patience.

That means, if you're on the other side at the start of the hour, you'll have to wait here for almost an hour to get back. You can choose to leave the bridge for what it is on the way back, take your walking shoes with you and hike the way back. The route is about 5 kilometers and in our opinion absolutely worth it.  

Do you want to know what this trip costs, where to park, how to get there, where to camp nearby and many more practical tips? Read our full blog about the Geierlay suspension bridge on Reisstel.nl.

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