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The Greek island of Kos | Cycling and sights

The Griekse Kos Island is perfect for a 10-day vacation. You can enjoy cycling, doing fun things and good food. It can still be cool in April, but the weather is perfect for cycling. By cool I mean between 19 and 23 degrees. In the evening, wear long pants and a jacket, but during the day in the sun it is wonderful! 

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Bike island

Kos is a great island for cycling. Many tourists take their bicycles, but you also see more and more locals on their bicycles. After a nice bike ride it is great to have a drink on the beach or on the terrace. The bicycle racks at the restaurants and terraces are often full, but there is always a place for your bicycle.

There is one long cycle path from the northeast of the island to the west via the north. This one is about 30 km long. It is a great bike path that also goes along and through Kos Town. This entire path is flat, so doable for everyone. 

Paths on Kos for cycling
Paths on Kos for cycling

Where the cycle path ends, you cycle on the normal road. Other traffic also travels on these roads, so you have to be careful. Some roads are driven quite fast by the locals.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen when you cycle, because you can burn quickly! On the bike you feel a nice refreshing breeze, so you sometimes don't feel the sun. 

Rent a bike

Renting a bike on Kos is a must. We rented two city bikes from the Dutch Petra van Harley Motorcycle† The rent for a week is 25 euros per bike.

Petra also has mountain bikes, scooters, electric bikes and classic cars. There are several places to rent bicycles on the island.

Kos Town 

Kos Town is a cosy, old town with a beautiful harbor. At the harbor is an old castle from the 16th century and in the harbor are small fishing boats and a large pirate ship. From the harbor you can take a day trip to Bodrum in Turkey, something many tourists do. Various other boat trips can also be booked.

Throughout the city there are small alleys, narrow streets and beautiful squares. The old center is wonderful to stroll around and just look around. On the Eleftherias Central Square you will find many terraces and a market hall. At this market hall you can buy various spices, local sweets, baklava, but also care products and other souvenirs. 

Eleftherias Central Square in Kos Town
Eleftherias Central Square in Kos Town

There are many shops and boutiques in Kos Town. You can enjoy a whole day here with just shopping! There are also some larger shops. The tourist shops are often open all day, but the larger shops are usually closed between two and five in the afternoon.


Zia is a traditional mountain village 14 km from Kos Town. Zia is hidden among the green forests on Mount Dikeos. The view is beautiful and the sunset is one like you've never seen before.

A trip to Zia is definitely worth it, but not by bike. Of course you can renting a car, but there are also regular sunset excursions to Zia. 

The traditional mountain village of Zia | Kos
The traditional mountain village of Zia | Kos

The drive there is with many twists and turns, but it is well worth it. If you do an excursion to Zia it will cost you 15 euros per person. You can take a look at the shops and walk around. You will be picked up from your hotel around 17 PM and you will drive back from Zia at 21 PM.

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Salt Lake Alikes

Did you know that you can spot flamingos on Kos? Near the village of Tigàki is a salt lake called Alikes† In the summer this lake is often dry and in the winter there is a layer of salt water, which attracts special birds, including flamingos. The pink and white flamingos overwinter and breed here, because there are few tourists here during the winter. If there is still some water in the lake in the summer, there is a chance that you can also spot the flamingos in the summer. 

Tigàki is easy to do by bike. It is about 13 kilometers by bike, but it is mainly flat and a large part is the long cycle path. 

Embros thermal baths 

the natural spa, Embros Therme, is a hot spring on the beach. Every year the baths are excavated near the sea, so that the seawater flows into the baths. The water in the thermal baths can reach up to 50 degrees due to volcanic heat. It is wonderfully warm, but also refreshingly cool. It sometimes smells a bit dirty because of the sulfur in the water. 

The thermal baths are easy to do by bike for the sports enthusiasts among us. The first 8 kilometers from Kos Town are flat, but after that you will definitely sweat for the last 4 kilometers! Halfway through the 4 kilometers you will be treated to a beautiful vantage point.

The lookout point

You can also go to the thermal baths by car and there is a large parking lot. Mind you, you have to walk the last part and it is steep down. The way back is of course a steep walk up.

Winery Ktima Akranic

At about 9 kilometers by bike from Kos Town you will find a vineyard Ktima Akrani. Small tours are given here and you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. 

Wine barrels in Winery Ktima Akrani | Kos
Wine barrels in Winery Ktima Akrani | Kos
Wine fields on Kos
Wine fields on Kos

The tour lasts about fifteen minutes and is included in the lunch or tasting. You can also book these separately. That costs 3 euros per person. During the tour you will be told about the vineyard, how long the wine is in the barrels and how the wine is made and stored. The grapes here are picked by hand to guarantee the quality of the grapes. You can also read about the food and drinks at Ktima Akrani in my previous blog.

The beach

There are many beaches on Kos. On most beaches you can relax on a beach bed. But be aware, not all beaches are sandy!

Tigaki Beach

Tigàki Beach is the beach near the salt lakes and is a sandy beach. It is always very busy here, there are many shops and restaurants. There are also water sports facilities and you can spot many water sports enthusiasts here in the summer. This beach is 13 kilometers from Kos Town and can be easily done by bike.

Marmari Beach

Marmari Beach is just a little further than Tigàki Beach and is a bit quieter. Marmari Beach is also a sandy beach. There are some trees and shrubs on and near the dunes, so you can also lay down your towel in the shade. It is also a nice bike ride to this beach.

Marmari Beach | Kos
Marmari Beach | Kos

Lamb Beach

Lambi Beach is a pebble beach with the most restaurants and is located in Kos town. At most restaurants on the beach you can use a bed when you have a drink.

Eating and drinking on Kos

In addition to cycling on Kos, would you like some more information about where you can eat deliciously, at which vineyard you have a great view or which rosé from the supermarket is the best? Please take a look at my other blog, my tips on the best food and drink on Kos.

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