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Lefkada, paradise beaches in Greece | Guest blog @camperfeels

Lefkas, or Lefkada as the Greeks call it, may not be the first Greek island that comes to mind, but certainly for beach lovers and hibernators this is an absolute must-visit! Lefkas is one of the Ionian Islands and is connected to the mainland of by a bridge Greece† Ideal for people who want to discover Greece by car, camper or bicycle and also want to explore an island (in a cheap & easy way). There is a lot to discover on Lefkas, but it is also a relatively small island. So you can stay there for a few days, but you can also enjoy yourself for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the pace you are looking for for your holiday.

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Southern tip of Lefkas
Southern tip of Lefkas

If you are looking for a party holiday, you will not really enjoy yourself here (especially outside the high season). If you are going to Lefkas by plane, we definitely recommend renting a car. Many places are difficult to reach by public transport and you really don't want to miss them for that reason. Please note; certainly the west coast is very mountainous. To reach many of the beaches you first have to tackle several hairpin bends, not all beaches are accessible for campers / somewhat larger vans.

The beaches

Lefkas is known for its beautiful beaches. The various beaches all have a unique character, but the water is everywhere the azure blue that you think of when you think of the Greek coast; 

Kavalikfta beach

Kavalikefta beach has a completely different coastline than the aforementioned beaches: there are many large rocks in the water, perfect for jumping in from the water! Be sure to check the depth of the water first. 

Kavalikfta beach
Kavalikfta beach

Kathisma Beach

Kathisma Beach is a lovely elongated beach, easily accessible and with catering facilities so that you can have lunch with a delicious pita bread and a Greek salad, of course. On almost all beaches on Lefkas it is possible to rent beds and a parasol. If you want to save on this, bring your own parasol! 

Agios Nikitas & Milos beach

Agios Nikitas is a small tourist village about 25 minutes drive from Lefkada town. The main street of the village leads through several restaurants to the small beach at the bottom of the village. From this beach you can take a small boat to Milos Beach for a few euros. Milos Beach is right next to Agios Nikitas, but it is enclosed by high mountains. It can be reached on foot, but we recommend taking the boat, especially for people with reduced mobility or with small children. Make sure you don't miss the last boat back (as we did), because then you have to go back over the mountain. If you do decide to go there and/or back on foot, make sure you don't put on your flip-flops as the path can be quite challenging over the mountain. Milos Beach does not have catering facilities, so bring your own!

Agliofili Beach, Lefkada
Milos Beach, Lefkada

Poros/Micros Gialos beach

For snorkeling enthusiasts; visit this beach! The water is crystal clear and very quiet, it is also a fairly small and quiet beach. Make sure you bring water shoes when you visit this beach because it is a pebble beach, although it can hardly be called pebbles anymore, but just stones, they are that big.

Poros/Micros Gialos beach
Poros/Micros Gialos beach

Pefkoulia beach

Looking for a pristine beach? Pefkoulia beach is not a commercial beach; no beds, umbrellas or beach bars here.

Pefkoulia beach
Pefkoulia beach

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is exactly the opposite of Pefkoulia beach: with its meter high rock wall right on the beach, this is probably the best-known beach in Lefkada and possibly even in all of Greece. Precisely because of its fame, this is also the most touristic beach. Large party boats are sometimes docked here for an hour so that photos can be taken and a swim, and then sail on again. So if you feel like laughing at people who do whole photoshoots on the beach, then you should definitely go here for a day. And fair is fair; the rock face is absolutely impressive.

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada
Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Places of Interest on Lefkada

From the abandoned village of Alexandros, which has been slowly being rebuilt for 2 years, to the Nidri waterfall: Lefkas offers plenty of options for people who want to see and do something besides lying on the beach. Renting a boat yourself and discovering the east coast of Lefkas is also highly recommended; make sure you bring your snorkel gear because you will encounter a lot of beautiful places! Boats can be rented in Nidri.

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Eating & Drinking on Lefkas

For those who have never been to Greece: go there and definitely taste the local cuisine! Fish, meat, vegetarian; Greek cuisine is very diverse and there is something for everyone. Some restaurants that we can recommend on Lefkas:

Ta Lytrata

While you're on your way to or from Elias Church, which offers a view of the entire island, make sure to stop in Egklouvi for something to eat. There is nothing to do in the village, but it does have 2 restaurants in the village square. Sit on the terrace of Ta Lytrata and order the Goat Stew in Lemon Sauce. Don't be embarrassed to lick your plate, it would be a shame not to… 

Elias Church, Lefkada
Elias Church, Lefkada


Fancy fish? Go to Sivota. This village revolves around its harbor and fishing. The various restaurants on the harbor therefore mainly offer fish dishes that are fresher than fresh! Delicious!

Ricki restaurant

Rachi is our number 1 tip when visiting Lefkas. Restaurant Rachi is located on top of a mountain near Kathisma beach. Near the restaurant is also a paragliding point from where you can make a jump and eventually land on Kathisma beach. From the terrace of the restaurant you can follow the paragliders and watch the sun set in the sea. Besides the prime location, the food is really delicious! Greek cuisine, local products, friendly staff and a slightly more chic/modern setting than you will find on the rest of the island. An evening at Rachi is the ultimate conclusion to your visit to Lefkas.

Restaurant Rachi, Lefkada
Restaurant Rachi, Lefkada

Not yet convinced whether you are already looking forward to your holiday to Lefkas? Watch our video below!

In 2018 Noortje & Camiel (@camperfeels) discovered Lefkas for 3 weeks and instantly fell in love with the island. Because they want to discover even more of Europe, they have been busy refurbishing their in recent months camper from the 90s. From next summer (June 2021) they will be on the road for more than a year. follow them up Instagram en Youtube to follow their preparations & adventures.

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