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Traveling in corona time | Stuck during the Lockdown in Greece

Since August we have been traveling through Europe with our camper Fred. Continuing our original world trip this way is a dream come true. We were immediately aware that we were going traveling in corona time, but fortunately there was still a lot that could be done in the summer. Especially with the camper it was doable to visit the 'yellow countries', to be in nature a lot and to keep your distance. Unfortunately, a second wave swept through Europe in the autumn. Something that has of course also changed traveling in corona time for us. Time for a break: hibernate in a permanent place. But we did not immediately foresee that this would result in being stuck during a lockdown in Greece.

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Reisstel.nl | stuck during the lockdown in Greece | stay in Greece

Second Corona wave rages through Europe

The second wave has been raging through Europe since the autumn. The holidays are over, everyone is back in their own country and daily life starts again. As expected, a second wave is emerging in Europe that may be even more severe than the first. We travel in corona time and that makes us think. Despite this safe way of travelling, is it wise to move from place to place? Despite the fact that we live in the camper and therefore cannot just 'go back home', this thought often crosses our mind. Is it smarter to go back to The Netherlands to go? No. Because where are we going then? The situation is no better in the Netherlands. Our conclusion: we have to provide a permanent place to stay with the camper.

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Overwinter in Greece

Once we made this decision, we started thinking about a good place to hibernate. Portugal is of course a very popular destination to spend the winter, also for motor home owners. But yes, we were already in South Italy, with the aim of moving towards the then 'yellow' Greece to go. It's still quite a bit of travel from South Italy and by now we've had enough France already locked. In addition, the more we would travel, the greater the chance of 'spreading'. And so we decide to go through with our original plan. We are going to spend the winter in Greece† At the time of the decision, the situation in Greece was a lot better than the rest of Europe. On to a new 'yellow' destination and a permanent place.

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Possible lockdown in Greece

No sooner said than done. We booked a ticket from Brindisi to Igoumenitsa about 36 hours before departure. About half a day after having booked the ticket, we received a message from other Dutch people in Greece. 'Guys, are you still planning to come to Greece? Please note: there is very likely a lockdown coming." shit. The reason we didn't want to stay in Italy was because we were afraid of a lockdown. And now it's happening in Greece? Given the still positive situation, we had not foreseen that coming. The Greek government would make a decision as soon as we left by boat. We decide to get on the boat anyway and approach camping sites and Air bnb's as quickly as possible: looking for a safe, permanent place to stay.

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Definitive lockdown in Greece

And what was expected became reality. There will definitely be one lockdown in Greece† At the time of announcing (Thurs 5 November), the government announced that the lockdown will start on Saturday 7 November. Fortunately, that gives us the chance to travel to a safe place. Together with the aforementioned Dutch people, we have found a place. Together with this couple and two other families we stay in a super nice accommodation in the south of Peloponnese, with everyone having their own apartment. The owner let us know that we can stay here as long as we want and our RVs can be in the yard. Of course against payment. This immediately makes us feel safe. It's a real shame that we have to leave our house on wheels, but there is no stress here of searching for water, empty space for the toilet or fear of being sent away by the police.

Overwinter in Greece

And so we have been here for two weeks now. We stick to the rules, stay on the site of our residence as much as possible and wait for the lockdown in Greece to be over. The rules here are as follows: you can only go out for shopping, getting medicine or exercising. So when we go outside, we write a note with our personal details and whereabouts, the reason for our activity outside and we take our passports with us. Next week we will share more of our daily lives during the lockdown in Greece. What is possible, what is not possible? And how do we deal with this.    

As soon as the weather is allowed, we look for a place with camper Fred where we can stand for a longer period of time. Peacefully wintering in Greece and waiting for better times. In the meantime, we are working hard on our own company.

How did we end up in the lockdown in Greece?

Curious how we experienced the period between our tour through Italy and the lockdown in Greece? Read our extensive report in the blog: Roadtrip Europe week 13 about how our choices led to this lockdown in Greece.

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