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Traveling during Corona | The Greek Island of Rhodes | guest blog

Hi! I am Kiki. I too have the travel bug. And I was unstoppable… Over the past 5 years I have visited 46 countries. And then came Covid19. At the beginning of 2020 I was allowed to make 3 more trips to Jamaica, Turkey en Brazil† When I was in Brazil the misery started The Netherlands† I was at a safe distance and thanks to the travel organization I was able to complete my trip without any worries. I did see my plans for 2020 fall into the water. I had already booked a number of trips, but they didn't go through. When the messages came out that we could travel again during corona, my heart started beating faster and I wanted to leave as soon as possible. I chose the Greek island of Rhodes. Greece is very well known to me, I come there several times a year and I have also been to Rhodes a number of times. Nice to travel to a destination you already know in these strange times!

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Corona measures at the airport

In July the time had come and it was finally time to travel again. It took some getting used to to travel during corona. Where as an experienced traveler I always went to the airport fairly shortly before departure because I know all the tricks of checking in and boarding, I wanted to be present very well in time when traveling during corona because of course you never know what awaits you. But it all went great! I was already pre-checked in so all I had to do was go through the check. Since the first weeks few people dared to travel, it turned out to be very quiet and I got through it quickly. Boarding was also very pleasant because this was done row by row so that it was finally not as chaotic and crammed as normal.

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Flying with a mouth cap

Had to get on the plane mouth caps being carried. I didn't find flying with a mask on, I got used to it quickly. On arrival at Rhodes it was a little more stuffy with a face mask because it was of course much warmer than in the Netherlands. Actually, I only had to wear a mouth cap during the transfer and not my further stay on Rhodes. All in all, it was not so bad in terms of mouth caps.

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Rest on Rhodes – Many hotels and shops closed

What struck me was the tranquility on the island. Which is of course very pleasant as a tourist but also very sad for the Greeks (and of course every local at every tourist destination). I had been to Rhodes a number of times before so I could compare it well with my previous trips to the island. Some hotels were still closed, or perhaps not even open this season. Some shops and restaurants were closed and it was very quiet on the beach. Furthermore, you hardly noticed any measures. You could just go into the shops and restaurants without any preparation. In fact, I didn't have to leave anything behind and I was able to fully enjoy my holiday.

Excursion to the island of Symi

For example, I made an excursion to the island of Symi for a day. The boat to this island was only 50% occupied and also here actually more convenience than inconvenience of traveling during corona because you had the space. I can really recommend a visit to this island to everyone. This is one of the most beautiful places in Greece I've been! A beautiful harbor with colorful houses built against the hill. An oasis of peace that you can enjoy from a terrace while enjoying a Greek iced coffee.

Traveling during corona - Symi, Greece
Traveling during corona - Symi, Greece
Traveling during corona - Symi, Greece

I also rented a car to tour the island for a day. I visited the town of Lindos with fine little white streets and a real acropolis of its own, and I climbed 300 steps to enjoy the view from the Tsambika monastery.

Traveling during corona - Symi, Greece
Traveling during corona - Symi, Greece

Rhodes – The Old Town

Furthermore, a visit to Rhodes is certainly not complete without a visit to the old town in Rhodes Town, complete with fortress and castle. It is wonderful to stroll through the small streets of the historic old town with many medieval influences. The old town of Rhodes has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1988 and rightly so!

Good food in Rhodes Town

For Rhodes town I can also recommend the following restaurants:

  • Eating a pita gyros at Steki Fast food – this tent has a high snack bar content and there is almost no seating, but the line of Greeks who are there every day says it all! Can be found at the bus station of Rhodes Town
  • eat at George and Maria – a somewhat touristy restaurant, but George and Maria immediately give you the feeling of belonging to the family. George likes to tell the best stories about his younger years and his wife Maria is in the kitchen. A nice way to try real Greek food.
  • My favorite way of eating is among the locals. In Greece this means that you have to eat late, especially after 21 pm. A real cozy way of eating in Greece is at a Souflakeria† Here you do not order a standard dish with meat, fries and salad, but the souflaki per piece and you fill this yourself with other side dishes and dips. My tip for a very cozy souflakeria in the middle of the Greeks is Souvlakeri mpahar.
Souvlakeri mpahar
Souvlakeri mpahar

Virus or no virus: traveling remains my passion and Rhodes is highly recommended! Traveling during corona was also very easy for me. Do you want to read more about my adventures? Then take a look www.kikiaaroundtheworld.nl and follow me Instagram!

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