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2 months of traveling through Italy: our absolute highlights

Travel through Italy has always been a favorite of ours. We've had it a few times before roadtrips and we couldn't wait to explore the country further with the camper. 2 months of traveling through Italy, what were our absolute highlights? One thing is certain. We can recommend it to everyone to travel through Italy, what a nice country!

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Traveling Italy: Region of Piedmont

The Piedmont region was still relatively unknown to us. We have been to the area around Barolo (known for the Barolo wine) once before, but otherwise we knew very little about this region. That has now changed, because of the 2 months traveling through Italy, we spent about a month in Piedmont.

Piedmont is the slow food region of Italy. Slow food is actually nothing more than a collective name for food that is produced in a sustainable, fair and traditional way. This can be anything: cheese, truffles, hazelnuts, wine… Not only our Italian friend Matteo has let us taste the most delicious dishes in Italy, we also have a super nice one in Turin. cheese tasting done. A must for anyone who loves cheese.

Hospitality in Italy

And how we felt at home in Piedmont. After a night up this farm After standing with our camper, Matteo invited us to stand on the land with his parents. This was a very fun time. We were taken in with a lot of love in the Italian family and really felt like part of the family. We ate together, played games with the grandchildren and learned a lot about this too…. to eat!

But Piedmont has much more to offer than just food. The environment is breathtakingly beautiful. Rolling, green hills full of vineyards with the white snow-capped mountain peaks in the background. You can view the most beautiful viewpoints from one of the 'big benches' (panchine grande)† Besides the well-known city of Turin, a visit to Lake Orta and the small towns such as Neive, Cella Monte and Alba are also absolutely worth a visit.

Visit Venice in peace, a highlight

We've written about us before visit to Venice† This was definitely one of the highlights of 2 months traveling in Italy. How special is it to be able to visit this romantic city in peace. An additional plus was the camper place where we parked with Fred. In the morning we walked onto the beach with our yoga mats and could enjoy yoga, swim and play beach tennis for hours in peace. Something that will definitely stay with us.

Tuscany, friends for life

Our roadtrip by Tuscany was a great success. Maybe we slept on this the most beautiful place so far and the scenery was enchantingly beautiful in the fall. One of the last highlights we visited during our trip through Tuscany was Terme di Saturnia.  We already knew this place from Instagram and were therefore a bit skeptical whether it would be as beautiful in reality. And that was it! Enchanting blue water, wonderfully warm and also free to visit.

But what really made our trip through Tuscany complete was our meeting with Adam and Tania. Together with their camper Jitters, aka Jits, they have been traveling through Europe for over a year. We started talking in the morning because we were staying overnight at the same motorhome, and there was an immediate click. We immediately talked for 3 hours and since then have been traveling together for 2 weeks. It is so special that while traveling you find like-minded people with whom you can build a close bond so quickly.

Reisstel.nl | Highlight Italy | Terme di Saturnia

Best of travel by Italy

We think the best thing about traveling is being immersed in another culture and meeting new people. We were absolutely allowed to experience this during our 2 months traveling in Italy and that made it so nice for us. It couldn't have been better.

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