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Venice city trip | A special city trip in Corona time

In these special times we simply don't know what we are doing well in the field of travel. Can we or can we not make a city trip within the so-called 'yellow' countries? For anyone who wants to make a city trip in line with the RIVD, Venice might be the perfect one city ​​trip in Corona time.

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Venice city trip: do or don't?

Everyone knows the stories about Venice: it's one big anthill, the canals stink and the prices are downright ridiculous. You just pay ten euros here for a cup of coffee on the famous, or infamous San Marco square.

Over the years we have had several roadtrips made by Northern Italy. It is precisely because of all these stories that we have always neglected a City trip to Venice. In fact, we didn't even consider visiting it anymore. However, we are now reading various reports that it is relatively quiet in Venice due to the current corona situation. In addition, water quality has improved dramatically since the cruise ships were banned from the major shipping route that leads to St. Mark's Square. 

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Things to Do in Venice

St. Mark's Square

After the camper break-in from last week in Turin we were ready for something different, so we decide to take a chance. We park the bus at the ports of Punta Sabbioni, where we take the ferry. Half an hour later, after a nice trip along the island of Lido, you are already on St. Mark's Square. We are amazed, it is beautiful here. It's nothing like all the horror stories going around about Venice. Venice is unbelievably beautiful, clean and indeed surprisingly quiet. 

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Yes of course, in the big St. Mark's Square there are many tourists and there is still a line in front of the Doge's Palace. It is also busy on the 'selfie bridge', the Rialto Bridge, but it looks nothing like pictures we saw before.


We try to avoid the busy tourist areas as much as possible and walk from St. Mark's Square to the less touristy district of Cannaregio. That was not as easy as it may sound. Venice is an endless maze of narrow streets and alleys that lead to a dead end on the canals. Even with Google Maps in hand, we had a hard time not getting lost here. Not that we mind, because one dead-end street was even more photogenic than the other, we simply couldn't get tired of it. Once we arrive in the Cannaregio district it feels like we are literally the only tourists.

Jewish Quarter: Campo del Ghetto Nuovo

We walk on the canals and hear only Italian around us. In the Jewish quarter of Campo del Ghetto Nuovo we see a number of young people with the characteristic curly hair under their kippahs playing football. A special sight since a little further on, soldiers supervise the otherwise deserted square. Calm before the storm or is this the new normal? In any case, we enjoy it intensely, it feels as if we are back in the time before mass tourism.

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Cheap gondola ride

Another big advantage of a city trip in times of corona are the prices. Have you always dreamed of taking a traditional gondola ride? Then this might be the time. Normally the prices are fixed at €80,00 per 40 minutes. Because there are now so many gondolas waiting for tourists, we are offered a 'special price' in various places. €60,00 and we can even haggle to €50,00. Something that is not an option in 'normal' times as the prices are fixed for a reason.

Food and drink

Venice is also not too bad when it comes to the prices for food and drinks. In fact, we are even positively surprised. Around the main squares, the most expensive coffee we have seen is €3,50. Outside the large squares you can find this for €1,10. Pizzas and pastas in combination with a drink for less than €10,00. Sleeping in the heart of one of the most visited cities in Italy doesn't have to be expensive either. There is currently a wide range of well-reviewed hotels right in the center for less than € 50,00 per night. 

Of course you can still find those expensive coffee, restaurants and hotels. But there are more than enough affordable alternatives for anyone on a budget.

The perfect city trip in Corona time

The antiquity of the buildings, the characteristic gondolas, the photogenic houses, the Jewish quarter. Yes, we are deeply impressed. Now that prices have fallen sharply due to low demand, we can only say that Venice is the perfect city trip in corona time in our eyes. 

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