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Camper burglary in broad daylight during a city trip in Turin | Our story

Traveling in a campervan is one of the coolest things we've ever done. It gives us the feeling of absolute freedom. Compared to other forms of travel, it is both basic and luxurious at the same time. You have all your own things with you, your own pillow, your own toilet, your own pans, it is simply our house on wheels. The place where you feel safe, until you become the victim of a motor home burglary.

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City trip Turin

After our visit last week to Cinque Terre, we paid a visit this week to beautiful Turin, a heavily undervalued city in the north ofItaly. Led by a city guide we learned more about the history, culture and customs in this former Roman outpost. We ended the day with a traditional chocolate tasting and walked back to our cottage on wheels with a big smile.

Burglary in broad daylight

Because it was Sunday we were allowed to drive into the environmental zone with 'Fred' and we could park right in the center. This is always our preference because it is always a lot busier there and therefore more supervision and the chance of burglary is simply smaller.

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Unfortunately, this kite does not always fly, once we arrive at our camper Fred we soon see the glass on the ground. The passenger door is open and we immediately realize that there has been a break-in. K*T. We look at each other and simply don't know what to do or what to do. Can we get on the bus to see what the damage is or do we ruin any traces? At the same time, we think about all the valuables that we had stored 'safely' in our house.

Do not call 112 in Italy in the event of a camper break-in

Behind us an Italian who wants our spot honks, we walk over to him and ask him what is usual to do in case of a camper break-in in Italy. Very resolutely he answers that we should call 112, after which he even offers his telephone. It seems a bit 'intense' to call the emergency center immediately, but we decide to do it anyway. Wrong choice soon becomes apparent, the emergency number is for emergencies, and as long as the burglar is no longer inside and we are not injured, it is not an emergency. Logically.

We therefore get into the camper and see that everything has been turned upside down. Bags, books and clothes are on the floor. We always take our laptops with us when we go into a city, but since we simply cannot take everything with us, we are afraid that we will lose the rest. It turns out we have an angel on our shoulder, because apart from the mess nothing seems to be missing.

Naivety is a luxury

Our feelings balance somewhere in the middle between happy, naive, angry, fearful and disappointed. So our safe house is actually not that safe at all. One tap with a hammer, rock or whatever and the burglars are in. Strangers digging through your underwear, smashing closets and breaking locks with brute force. It's one of those risks that you know exist, but you don't think will happen to you, how nice, how naive.

Reisstel.nl | burglary camper - duct tape repair

Googling the 'Crime Scene'

This time we were simply very lucky with worthless burglars, or passers-by who disturbed the burglars during their search. It was a wise lesson for us. We were clearly insufficiently prepared for a camper break-in and were literally googling the 'Crime Scene'. We have therefore bundled all our learning moments and made a video that will hopefully help you if you find yourself in the same situation. Curious?

Watch the video, including accompanying article, on our site: How-to: what to do after a motor home burglary?

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  • Yes… we totally agree. It was a bad experience, but luckily for us the damage was not too bad and we were able to learn something from it. Hopefully by sharing our tips we can help others :).

  • Bah!!!! Why don't people just stay away from other people's stuff. You are fine with the misery, and for what actually they have nothing valuable

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