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Traveling with a motorhome (9) | Tips and places to visit in Italy

There is so much to do and see in Italy. We have been there for a month last September with our motorhome. It was a beautiful month and we saw a lot of beautiful things. Unfortunately we didn't see everything we wanted to see, but sometimes it's about making choices. In this blog we will take you on a tour of Italy, including tips, sights and activities!

Our route

We started in Northern Italy and drove south via the East Coast (Adriatic Sea). From the heel of the boot we went to the left and up again via the West Coast (Tyrrhenian Sea). We have chosen this route because we Austria came and after Italy drove on to Spain (via France). You can of course also drive the route the other way around. The places we visited are listed below from north to south.

1. The Dolomites

Many people undoubtedly know the Dolomites. Nature lovers can indulge themselves here. How unbelievably beautiful it is here! Unfortunately we only stayed there for two days. This is because we made a lot of hikes in Austria, the country we had visited before. We traveled (too) fast in Austria and our bodies indicated that they could use some rest. We will definitely come back to the Dolomites again!

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We made a beautiful hike in the Dolomites to the Three Sentences / Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Location here ). The route that you can walk to the Drei Zinnen from the starting point speaks for itself, there are also route posts. You can extend the route. The area is in fact much larger than just viewing the Drei Zinnen. It is really worth to go hiking there!

Did you know: The Dolomites have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009?

Three Sentences / Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Three Sentences / Tre Cime di Lavaredo

We stood with the camper in a free parking lot, where we also spent the night.
The place can be found via Park4night (ID: #40278). From there we took the bus to Rifugio Auronzo, another parking lot/starting point of the walk to the Drei Zinnen. The road to it is a toll road. If you want to park the camper and spend the night at the starting point, you can look up this place via Park4night (ID #14499). It's a paid place.

Make sure you leave on time to the starting point of the Drei Zinnen, because in general it gets crowded quickly. Moreover, there are many more beautiful places to discover in the Dolomites such as Sorapis Lake (Location here ) On Lake of Braies (Location here ), but unfortunately we can't give you any information about that (yet).

Our view while hiking in the Dolomites

2. Venice

We are in love! What fun it is! The photogenic streets, the water with the many gondolas and cozy terraces. In short, enough to entertain you for hours or days and Venice is a lot bigger than we thought.

It is pleasantly busy both during the day and in the evening. A few tips for a great day in Venice; visit the sights, drink an Aperol Spritz at a cozy bar, taste the Italian cuisine and take a beautiful photo during sunset from the Rialto Bridge (Location here ). At the bridge you will not be alone!

You can also take a trip in a gondola, but we found this very pricey. At the moment, half an hour of sailing in a gondola during the day costs €80 and half an hour of sailing in the evening is €100.

The sunset from the Rialto Bridge
The sunset from the Rialto Bridge

There are plenty of motorhome pitches and campsites in Venice. We were in a fairly new, secure motorhome near Venice. The bus stop is within walking distance, where you can take the bus to the center of Venice. The owners of the motorhome provide you with sufficient information via Whatsapp and neat sanitary facilities are available. The camper place can be found via Park4night (ID: #260056: Aladin Camp).

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During our trip through Italy we did two wine tastings. They can make wine in Italy! There are plenty of vineyards and sometimes with a nice wine route to walk.

We spent two nights at a winery in Coriano (Location here ) which also has camping pitches and a lovely swimming pool, so really enjoy it! It's a beautiful place, they are friendly owners, they have nice wines (which was also talked about a lot) and there was no frugal pouring during the wine tasting. In addition, you also got tasty snacks with the delicious wines.

4.San Marino

The Republic San Marino (Location here ) is an enclave within Italy. It is not very big, but we thought it was worth visiting the center. Shoppers can shop extensively here, there are plenty of shops. It would even involve tax-free shopping, but we cannot guarantee this, as we have not shopped ourselves. Don't forget to bring your camera to San Marino, because there is plenty to photograph.

San Marino, an enclave within Italy
San Marino, an enclave within Italy

Tip: A free motorhome parking in San Marino! The place can be found via Park4night (ID #61028). A cable car is a few minutes' walk from here. This will take you up to the center (€1,50 pp one way) or you can take a tough walk up there.

5. Step on

The Tower of Pisa we wanted to see and certainly Laura. Why? Just a bucket list thing! A nice and relatively small town to walk around, take pictures of the sights and there are plenty of souvenir shops. We were on a motorhome site within walking distance of the center. Helpful staff and camera surveillance were available. You will receive a map for a visit to Pisa. The camper place can be found via Park4Night (ID: #2143).

Tower of Pisa

6. Tuscany

The Tuscany region is incredibly beautiful! It is very nice to drive through the beautiful landscape with the camper. Unfortunately we didn't have the best weather at that time. Lots of rain and wind, but the beauty was still visible.

Watch out in bad weather. A car passed us, so we had to move the camper a bit. We slid into the berm and couldn't get out on our own. We tried everything, but it didn't help. After more than an hour we were finally rescued by an Italian farmer with his SUV. Very nice!

We were stuck in the verge with the camper
We were stuck in the verge with the camper
The beautiful Tuscany
The beautiful Tuscany

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7. Saturnia Hot Spring

Saturnia (Location here ) is a piece of paradise! It is a natural hot spring with nice warm water. Admission is free and it is accessible 24 hours a day. To avoid the crowds, it is best to go early in the morning.

There is a car park a few minutes away and for the motorhome there is a space further on within walking distance of the hot spring. The camper place, where you can spend the night is listed Park4Night (ID: #12002).

In addition to this hot spring, there are a number of hot springs in the same region.

Saturnia Hot Spring

8. Roma

Rome is one of our favorite cities! Six years ago we made a city trip to this beautiful city. We think the architecture is beautiful and it is nice to walk around.

Tip: If you like sights like it Colosseum If you want to visit, you need tickets for this. You then have the option to buy tickets for the 'fast-line' or 'skip-the-line', which are often more expensive, but not always necessary. When we were there the normal line was shorter.

The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome

From the camper place we took the tram to the center of Rome. We would recommend this motorhome to everyone! Friendly staff, smooth check-in (partly automatic systems), (camera) surveillance, services and excellent places. The place can be found via Park4Night (ID: #324370).

9. The Amalfi Coast

What a beautiful place! The first day we took the bus from our campsite to the village Amalfi and back. Well, that's quite a ride.. To keep it short; the bus times are not very accurate, the bus is (too) full with people and the horn is often used to let oncoming traffic know that they are coming.

The second day we rented a scooter and that is highly recommended! For €55,- we could use the scooter, including two helmets, for the whole day (until 20.00 p.m.). We had a great time. Cozy villages, many shops, beautiful (small) beaches, viewpoints and a wonderful route to drive along the coast. We found the scooter to be very doable. A big advantage is that you can move through the sometimes busy traffic a bit easier.

Caution! Parking a scooter has to be paid in most of the Amalfi Coast!

The Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi Coast

10. Albertobello

The visiting of Alberobello (Location here ) we found one of the best outings in Italy! The white houses (Trulli) are not to be missed and the village is very photogenic. There are many souvenir shops and restaurants. In the evening the lights go on and it is very atmospheric. Take the camera with you and walk through all the streets.

If you are by car or camper, you can park on Parking Nel Verde (Location here ). You can also spend the night in your camper at this parking and we have done this. The parking lot is a few minutes' walk from the center. Furthermore, in the parking lot you have the option to refill your water tank and empty your waste water tank (grey and black).

Can you see the trulli in the background?
Can you see the trulli in the background?
The trulli in the evening decorated with lights
The trulli in the evening decorated with lights


Don't forget the wonderful beaches in Italy. One more tip for a motorhome at +/- 50 m from the beach, with an extremely friendly owner and all kinds of facilities.
The camper place can be found at Park4Night (ID: #42496: Area Sosta Camper La Salina).

A downside to beautiful Italy is the large amount of waste on the street, on the beach, along the (highway) road, especially in the south. After an hour's walk on the beach, I (Laura) returned with a shopper full of trash. If we all take our waste with us, the world will be a bit more beautiful!

We travel together

Hi! We are Stefan (29) and Laura (28) and have been a couple for over 12 years, so true childhood sweethearts! We have sold our house, have (partly) resigned from our job and are traveling with our motorhome for an indefinite period of time. Are you curious about our adventure? Then take a look here regularly, see you soon!


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