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Where to stay in Naples | 4 great accommodations

When you go on vacation to Italy you have many options to stay overnight. Want some luxury accommodations in Naples? Then you choose a hotel. Are you a solo traveler and do you want to socialize with other world travelers and go out together, then choose a hostel. During my stay in Naples I have stayed in both a hotel and also hostels and an apartment. Below I write about the 4 nicest places to stay in Naples.

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My favorite places to stay in Naples

1. Hostel Mancini

The very first hostel in Naples, Hostel Mancini, has to be my favorite accommodation in Naples. The location of this hostel is ideal! If you walk 5 minutes you are already at the most famous pizzeria in Naples, or I mean very Italy† I'm talking about of course pizzeria 'l' antica da Michele† Hostel Mancini is a 1-minute walk from the MD supermarket (pronounced Emmediee) and a 1-minute walk from the train station. Ideal if you plan to make many trips by train (think of a trip to Pompei, Positano or Bagno Elena beach).

The owner Alfredo is very friendly and does everything to make you feel comfortable. And did you know that this hostel is the very first hostel in Naples?

Click here to view Hostel Mancini on Booking.com

Kitchen Hostel Mancini | Stay in Naples
Kitchen hostel Mancinic

The cleaning crew is busy every day so that the hostel looks tip-top! Are you traveling alone? Then it is ideal to get to know new travelers here and go out with them. Oh yes hostel Mancini even has a pet, meet the turtle Gigi Mancini.

Hostel Mancini | Stay in Naples
Gigi Mancinic

Gigi loves to chill out on the balcony and see what's happening in the street. Hostel Mancini offers a full breakfast! Mancini also features a lounge where you can even play PlayStation, read a book or play guitar.

Hostel Mancini | Stay in Naples
Hostel Mancini | Stay in Naples

2. Tric Trac hostel

The first thing that comes to my mind when I put on Tric Trac hostel think is the space. The rooms are very spacious. Tric Trac also offers breakfast, although a little less extensive than hostel Mancini. Tric Trac has a terrace where you can chill out. This hostel also has a good location. If you walk for 10 minutes, you are already at the Spanish Neighborhoods where you can admire, among other things, street art and also delicious streetfood can eat. Tric Trac is a new hostel and because of course they want brand awareness, the prices are very attractive.

Click here to check out Tric Trac Hostel on Booking.com

Tric Trac hostel | Stay in Naples
Tric Trac hostel

3. Hotel Garden Napoli

Napoli is a big tight-knit city and sometimes it's nice to take a breather. Hotel Garden Napoli is a dated hotel, don't expect too much luxury, but wow wow wow this hotel has a balcony and really a view that you say to you. You really have a mega large balcony. A big plus point! This hotel is ideal if you want to enjoy the sunrise and sunset (aka Insta photos) to the fullest.

Breakfast is unfortunately not included at hotel garden Napoli. But hey, everything always resolves itself, because a 2-minute walk away is Sweet Sleep Napoli where you can have an extensive breakfast for 5 euros per person.

Click here to view Hotel Garden Napoli on Booking.com

View hotel Garden Napoli | Stay in Naples
View hotel Garden Napoli

4. Apartment Handmade Rest Room

What do you do when everything is fully booked and you see 1 room left at Booking.com? Right, book the last room. We stayed with Handmade Rest Room and I must confess to you, I was shivering at first, because of the name. But, they surprised me positively.

This apartment is run by 2 brothers Antonio and Vincenzo. We had a super large and not unimportant: a very clean room† The brothers have thought of everything and attach great importance to hygiene. The location is ideal (1 minute walk from Tric Trac hostel) and the apartment is super clean! The apartment also has a kitchen, so if you want to prepare a sandwich, that's possible! There is also a fridge in the room, which is always handy, especially with the hot weather!

Click here to view Apartment Handmade Rest Room on Booking.com

Handmade Rest Room
Handmade Rest Room

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I love discovering new places, new people and new cultures. Recently I traveled through South East Asia for four months. That was really spectacular! When will you get another chance like this? Sometimes you have to create opportunities yourself. I see travel more as an investment. So invest in yourself and explore!

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