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Just like the Baltic neighbors Estonia en Lithuania Latvia is well hidden in Northern Europe, close to the Russian border. And like these neighboring countries, Latvia is quickly skipped in European trips and vacations. Latvia, with the pleasant capital Riga, deserves more than just a brief mention during a high school geography lesson. The more than 2 million Latvians welcome you with open arms and show you their cultural treasures and traditions with love. City break or an adventurous domestic journey, Latvia will pack you in to never let you go.

Architectural Delights in Riga

Latvia, which is not too large, offers enough urban variety. A visit to the capital Riga, where no less than a third of the entire population resides, is an unforgettable experience. This enchanting city floats on the edge of the Gulf of Riga and shines with beautiful historic buildings and beautiful architecture. The city center in particular is a European masterpiece: Jugenstil, Art Nouveau and striking wooden architecture from the 19th century are silently fighting for your attention. And while you're there, don't miss the towns of Daugavpils, Liepãja, Jelgava and Ventspils.

National Parks in Latvia

If you want to escape the cities, then you have plenty of choice in Latvia. You can have fun in the four national parks of the country: Gauja, Kemeri, Rāzna and Slītere. The nature reserves here are a paradise for avid walkers and hikers. Would you like to relax with the Northern European sun on your face? Then travel to the Latvian coast and discover the relaxed atmosphere of Latvian seaside resorts.

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