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Lithuania is the largest country of the three Baltic states. With an area of ​​65.200 square kilometers, Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Vilnius is the most attractive city of these states. Today it may be hard to imagine, but Lithuania was once a powerful country whose borders stretched as far as the Black Sea. Now Lithuania is a friendly country that Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the great Russia is on. Fun geographical fact: the center of Europe is exactly within the borders of this country.

Capital Vilnius

The capital of Lithuania, with about 540.000 inhabitants, is ancient Vilnius. The city was founded in 1323 and thus has a rich history packed with heroic battle scenes and a variety of traditions. The biggest attraction in this city is Gedimina Square where you can admire the grandeur of the Cathedral. Another beautiful city is Trakai, a classic Eastern European city on the coast of Lake Galve. If you're not averse to a museum, don't forget to visit the city of Kaunas.

Nature in Lithuania

Lithuania has one characteristic landscape in particular: forests. No less than 90% of the country consists of forest-like scenery and green landscapes. The large nature parks therefore overwhelm mainly because of their dense vegetation. The coast also offers many beautiful pictures and excellent opportunities to relax. You will also find more than 4.000 lakes along the coast. If you are not a winter traveler, it is wise to skip a winter in Lithuania. It can then easily go towards -20 degrees.

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