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If you want beautiful nature, then you choose Norway. This second least populated country in Europe excels in indestructible landscapes and tranquil natural beauty. Of course, the fjords are the most famous natural phenomenon in Norway. But there is more, much more. Dense forests, glaciers, clear lakes and towering mountains show you just how beautiful our planet can be. If you want some people around you again, travel past the graceful cities of Oslo and Bergen. Norway is really a must-visit during your tour through Scandinavia.

Oslo and Bergen

Capital Oslo is probably the most famous city in Norway. Although you spend a lot of money here for food, drink and accommodation – Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world – the city still attracts people like a magnet. The museums, thriving parks, many restaurants and beautiful downtown offer plenty of day trips for every traveler. But don't forget to also visit the city of Bergen. From Fløyen mountain you have a really fantastic view over this old town. Bergen is surrounded by no fewer than seven mountains. The charming harbor is enchanting at sunset.

Norwegian natural wonders

The northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen from Norway. If you have the opportunity to experience this spectacle, then you absolutely must do it. Solar particles glow blue and green, magnetic fields flow to the North Pole, as if in a hallucinatory play. Near the city of Stavanger you will find the Preikestolen, a cliff almost four kilometers long. The trek to the top is well worth the sweat. Travel to the North Cape to reach the northernmost point of Europe. The monument of the globe that you will find here is now world famous. A visit to the fjords is of course a matter of course. Just visit the Geirangerfjord or Sognefjord. Norway fully lives up to its name as a natural wonder.

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