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Discover Slovenia

Slovenia is a small pearl bordering the northeast side of Italy. Especially the famous places like the lakes Bohinj en Bled are very popular, as well as the elegant capital Ljubljana. And then you also have the beautiful coastline, which is often used as the Riviera of Slovenia is labeled. Slovenia is a little piece of paradise, just in it Europe lies. In this blog we tell you useful tips about beautiful locations and accommodations in beautiful Slovenia.

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When you make a trip, no matter what your destination is, you naturally want to spend a comfortable night. In the tourist areas there are many good hotels and holiday bungalows and parks. In addition, you can always opt for a beautiful campsite. These can be found all over the world; from intimate and small to vibrant, large and with various facilities.

In Slovenia, the possibilities to spend the night are the same. But maybe you prefer a little more peace and privacy. In that case, a holiday home is a better choice. Vacation Rentals in Slovenia are happy enough. Choose a wonderful location that you can use as a base for the most beautiful hikes and to explore the area. 

Vintgar Gorge

If you do go to the famous Bled, it's worth going a few miles away to see the course of the Radovna river to follow. Just north of Bled, the river flows through a deep gorge. You can take a walk of about 1,5 kilometers here.

Radovna River | Discover Slovenia
Radovna River | Discover Slovenia

It is a trip that you will not forget, it is so beautiful there. The water goes through a constriction here, which puts an enormous force on it. The result is winding stretches with many bends, pools and waterfalls. The route is partly over a wooden path that goes over and along the water. At the end of that you come to the Slap Sum waterfall. Be sure to bring your camera, because here you will be able to shoot many beautiful pictures! 

Villages and cities

Ljublana en Bled may be at the top of your wishlist, but there is also a lot to discover in Slovenia in terms of cities and villages. Think, for example, of the picturesque coastal towns, such as Piran. The town is located on a narrow headland and looks Italian with its churches and squares. It is therefore also called the Venice of Slovenia.

Piran | Discover Slovenia
Piran | Discover Slovenia

Do you like picturesque villages with ancient houses and cute churches? You can find them everywhere here; in the woods, in the valleys and on the hills. Of those places where time seems to have stood still and people welcome you with admiration.

Also very nice to visit Skofya Loka. It is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia with a historic center where you can discover what life must have been like here in the past. The town has a beautiful location, on the banks of the river and with a single bridge as access.

Skofja Loka | Discover Slovenia
Skofja Loka | Discover Slovenia


There is also a lot of beauty to discover underground in Slovenia, because there are said to be no less than 5000 caves! The caves of Postojna are the most famous example of this. Admire the towering rock formations, babbling rivers, stalactites and underground vaults. Above ground you immediately pick up the medieval castle of Predjama along, which is embedded between 123 meter high cliffs.

Predjama Castle | Discover Slovenia
Predjama Castle | Discover Slovenia

The caves of Skocjanske are much less known, but definitely worth a visit! These stalactite caves are located at Divaca in the Karst in the southwest of the country and include underground lakes and waterfalls. The underground spaces have been created by the wearing rivers and are spread over 5 kilometers at a depth of more than 200 metres. They have a length of 5 kilometers and are more than 200 meters deep with several waterfalls.

The ice caves of Snezna are of a completely different nature. You will find this at an altitude of 1500 meters in the mountain Raduha between the villages Luce en Furrowed in northern Slovenia. 


Slovenia has wonderful nature and a varied landscape including forests, lakes, mountains and valleys. It Triglav National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in the Julian Alps. This mountain massif spreads across Italy and Slovenia. An unmissable nature reserve in northwestern Slovenia.

Triglav National Park | Discover Slovenia
Triglav National Park | Discover Slovenia

At 2864 meters, Triglav is the highest mountain in the country. The area lends itself to beautiful hiking and climbing trips through a breathtakingly beautiful landscape full of rock formations, gorges, waterfalls, lakes, streams, rivers and even glaciers!

In short, reasons enough to travel to this beautiful country. Where are you going in Slovenia?

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