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The 4 most beautiful buildings worth seeing in Seville

When you visit Seville in the south of Spain then you should definitely not miss these 4 interesting buildings. They all tell a piece of history about this beautiful Spanish city. All buildings are very impressive, whether it is their ancient or modern architecture. Put these four unique buildings on your to do list for your city trip to Sevilla!

1. The Royal Palace of Seville

The Royal Palace of Sevilla is one of the most impressive structures in all of Spain. The palace is built in the Mudajar architectural style, a mix of Moorish and European influences.

Seville was in fact ruled for centuries by the Moorish Arabs and their architects were far from their European counterparts. The whole city was then full of the most beautiful buildings and the royal palace is the highlight of this. When the Christian king had defeated the Moors, he had no doubts about what to do with this palace. Demolition is of course not an option with such a pearl, so he left it intact. It was of course adapted and modernized over the centuries, but that typical Moorish architecture has been preserved. So count on mosaics, courtyards, ponds, arches, domes, carvings and more.

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Sightseeing buildings | The Royal Palace of Seville
Sightseeing buildings | The Royal Palace of Seville

A visit to the palace is not complete without exploring the gardens. The garden complex is gigantic. You really don't expect that in the heart of a big city like Seville! Be sure to visit the filming locations from Game of Thrones, because many scenes were shot in the gardens of the Royal Palace.

2. Seville Cathedral

The Cathedral of Seville is one of the largest and most impressive churches in the world. This Gothic cathedral, built in the year 1402, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When you visit this cathedral, you imagine yourself in another world. You see different architectural styles mixed up everywhere. Moorish influences can be seen, but the Christians have also left their mark on the building. The church was once a mosque, built by the Moors, and was renamed a cathedral after the arrival of the Christian king. You can still see many Moorish details in the cathedral. It mainly looks like a cathedral nowadays. Would you like to see a transformation into a church, while approaching the mosque? Then you must visit the famous Mezquita in Andalusia, one of the unmissable ones Things to do in Cordoba.

Sightseeing buildings | Seville Cathedral
Sightseeing buildings | Seville Cathedral

Next to the cathedral you will also find the Giralda. This was once the minaret of the mosque, but after the Christian conquest it was converted into a bell tower. This tower is 104 meters high, making it the tallest tower in the entire old town. You also have a beautiful view of Seville from here!

3. Plaza de España

Plaza de España is one of the most famous squares in all of Spain. This imposing square was built on the occasion of the world exhibition that was held in Seville in 1929. The square is a real eye-catcher with its beautiful architecture and location on the largest city park in the city, the Parque de María Luisa.

Sightseeing buildings | Plaza de Espana
Sightseeing buildings | Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de España in Seville is a beautiful whole and no less than 160 meters wide, built in a semicircle to very symbolically welcome the visitors of the World Exhibition with open arms. In the square you can find many symbols that refer to Spain, such as the three bridges for the three ancient kingdoms from which Spain originated. The mosaics in the square depict each province, in alphabetical order along the edge of the square. You can walk through the square or – perhaps a bit touristy, but also very entertaining – take boat trips on the canals. Then be sure to walk to

4. Seville mushrooms

With the Plaza de España we have already made a leap in history towards the present day, but with the Setas de Sevilla we are doing just that. The unusual construction is the best-known example of modern architecture in the city.

It is the largest wooden structure in the world, at least that is what all guidebooks in Seville claim. But it could very well be true, because the Setas de Sevilla is a gigantic structure that spans an entire square. The name is the nickname given to the construction by the locals. The design consists of a number of parasols – the official name is Metropol Parasol – and it has been nicknamed 'Mushrooms of Seville'. So Setas de Sevilla.

Sightseeing buildings | Setas de Seville
Sightseeing buildings | Setas de Seville

You can admire the building from below, but you can also walk over the top. Go to the basement – ​​admire the Roman excavations there – and take the elevator to the roof. The view is beautiful, especially during sunset.

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