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Tips for Valencia | Cycling, sightseeing and good food

Valencia was not on the schedule, but when I Skyscanner saw a cheap ticket, I thought… let's go! In this article I have collected the best tips for Valencia for you, a perfect city for a nice city ​​trip† I write about places and sights that you must see in Valencia, where you can stay and more importantly: where you can eat well!

Staying with Flats Friends Tetuan

We had first booked a hotel in Valencia, but this hotel was not located in the center. Me, personally didn't feel like going back and forth on the subway every day. So we exchanged our hotel for the Flats Friends Tetuán apartment at the last minute.
This apartment is a 2-minute walk from the center and therefore also the sights. Perfect location, because within a 5-minute walk you are at Plaza de la Virgen. Communication with the host is very easy and the apartment can accommodate 6 people! Enough space and the price is attractive.

Flats Friends Tetuan
Flats Friends Tetuan

Explore Valencia by bike

The number 1 tip for Valencia! The Netherlands is known as a cycling country, but I never knew that you can also cycle so well in Valencia. It is absolutely not dangerous, because there are many bicycle paths. There are bike paths almost everywhere. You can even cycle to the beach. How delicious is that? Especially when the weather is nice. In this blog I write about places that you can visit in Valencia by bike!

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Rent a bike at Passion Bikes

In Valencia there are many places where you can rent a bicycle. You can rent a normal bike on an e-bike. The prices differ. I had done all my research before and I saw on the internet Passion Bikes. I had read that if I was going to rent a bike at Passion Bikes, I had to indicate that I Suzie came.

Passion Bikes

So once I got to Passion Bike I said I got here through Suzie. I received a hefty discount, namely renting the bike for the whole day for only 7 (!) euros. A very good price. So if you go to Passion Bikes, pass on the name Suzie and also score a bike for a cheap price.

Cycling routes

You can find countless cycling routes on the internet. For example, cycle from the center along the large Turia Park (free entrance) and after a nice cycling route you eventually arrive at the beach.

Tip: Don't know the way anymore? Then get off and do not look at your mobile while cycling, because the fines for this are hefty, namely 200 euros.

By bike in Valencia

Valencia Landmarks

Port Saplaya

Port Saplaya, a spot just outside Valencia. From the center you can reach Port Saplaya within 40 minutes by bike. Port Saplaya is a small town. Did you know that Port Saplaya is also called Little Venice. It is a cute spot that you should definitely see during your bike ride. The reason it is called Little Venice is because there are colored houses everywhere and there are many boats. You immediately get that Venice vibe.

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Port Saplaya

Plaza de la Virgen

Every city has a nice square. In Valencia you have to go to Plaza de la Virgen. In the middle of the square you will find a fountain, the Cathedral of Valencia is also located on this square. The nice thing about this square is that there are always street performers who give away a nice show. Think of someone who gives away a beautiful dance show or someone who practices different dance styles with a large ring. Experience it yourself and in the evening settle down on a terrace or sit on the stairs and enjoy the shows.

Tips for Valencia: Plaza de la Virgen
Tips for Valencia: Plaza de la Virgen

Several Museums

Valencia is bursting with museums. What if you love museums and want to see them all? You can, but do you feel like spending money on it every time? I have the golden tip! On Sundays, most museums are free! Chakkaaa.

Ceramic Museum

IVAM Museum

The IVAM museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art and is free every Friday evening from 19:00 PM to 21:00 PM and Saturday from 15:00 PM to 19:00 PM. The IVAM museum also offers free admission on Sundays.

Ceramic Museum

My favorite museum in Valencia is the ceramics museum. For example, there is free entrance at Museo Ceramica on Saturday afternoon from 16:00 PM to 20:00 PM and on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM. Not only the outside is beautiful of the museum, but also the inside! Note: most museums in Valencia are closed on Mondays.

Tips for Valencia: Museo Ceramica

City of Arts and Sciences

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, also known as the symbol of Valencia. Entrance to this museum is 31 euros. The museum was designed by a well-known Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. But even if you don't go inside, it's also very beautiful outside. From the Turia park you arrive at the museum! This way you have a combination of nature and art.

Central Market

The covered market in the center of Valencia should not be missing on your list of tips for Valencia. Here you can walk around and buy delicious food. You can compare it with the market hall of Rotterdam. Did you know that the Mercado Central is the oldest covered market still in operation? The opening of this Mercado was already in 1928.

Here you can buy tasty juices, eat fresh fruit and also eat Arabic sweets, such as buy baklava. entrance is for free.

Note: the market is closed on Sundays and the opening times of the market are not very long. The market is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 14:30 PM.

Tips for Valencia: Mercado Central
Tips for Valencia: Mercado Central

Valencia Beaches

Life is a beach! Beaches sat in Valencia. From Port Saplaya you can cycle to great beaches within 15 minutes. You can choose to rent a lounger or just relax on the beach. The nice thing is that there are also all kinds of nice restaurants on the beach, where you can eat tapas. You can also find shops here. I think it's a nice shop Ale Hops. Too bad they don't have this store in the Netherlands. You can buy almost anything here for next to nothing. It's more of those gadgets. Think of a nice USB stick in the shape of a giraffe or nice slippers with print.

Valencia Beaches
Valencia Beaches

Good food in Valencia

A list of tips for Valencia is of course not complete without good places to eat well! Because after a long day of cycling and walking you really need a good meal. And if you have rented a flat or apartment to stay, a nice breakfast in the morning is also included. These are some of the best places we ate in Valencia.

Almalibre Acai House Valencia

Breakfast like a king(ess)! It's breakfast time. It's morning and you're hungry, you want to have a full breakfast! Where are you going then? Right Almalibre Acai House Valencia† With a whopping 4.6 out of 5 star rating out of nearly 2000 reviews, this is one place you can't miss. For 6 euros per person you get coffee or tea, croissant or cake, juice of the day and two toasts with hummus, avocado, honey or cheese spread.


At Almalibre Açaí House Valencia they also have healthy açaí bowls (logical, because the name says it all)! In the evening you can go here for tasty vegetarian burgers. The tent is nice and modern furnished. Good to know is that Valencia is bursting with nice hip eateries. You can get healthy bowls almost everywhere.

DDL BOUTIQUE Dulce de Leche Ruzafa

If you have a real sweet tooth, then you are also in the right place. The only downside of this place is that it's so hip that the waiting times can be long. The google maps location you can here find.


Restaurant Almunia: taste the Arabic cuisine

This tent is INSANE and no I am not exaggerating. It may not look like a great tent from the outside, but no, this tent is amazing! And….this restaurant has made my holiday 50% more fun in any case. Are you wondering why? Where can you eat delicious food these days, with a great atmosphere for only 15 euros? For 15 euros (!) you have a complete menu here. And the reviews don't lie either, with an average of 4,6 stars out of almost 1000 reviews. Do you want to taste and experience it yourself? The google maps location you can here find.

Restaurant Almunia in Valencia
Restaurant Almunia in Valencia

If you eat here, eat little during the day. There are both meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu, meaning something for everyone. For 15 euros we had hummus, salad, another Arabic starter, couscous as main course and delicious Arabic peppermint tea and sweet baklava for dessert! The owner is very nice and kept coming up with dishes. Afterwards we walked for 1 hour anyway to train it all off.

Tip: check the opening times. We wanted to eat here again, but unfortunately the restaurant was closed on Monday.

Restaurant Almunia in Valencia
Restaurant Almunia in Valencia

Restaurant Al AdwaqI

Restaurant Almunia was closed. Help what should you do then? On to another restaurant, which is less than a minute's walk from Almunia. We ate delicious falafel at this Al Adwaq.

Al-Adwaq restaurant
Al-Adwaq restaurant

This restaurant offers great dishes for a reasonable price. At this restaurant they also offer a complete menu for only 12 euros! super cheap! Personally I think that restaurant Almunia has more atmosphere than restaurant Al Adwaq. Do you also want to eat delicious falafel at Al Adwaq? The google maps location is here to find.


Must eat ice cream

Eating a delicious ice cream can of course not be missed from the list of tips for Valencia. In Spain temperatures can be high. An ice cream cools you down. There are many places where you can eat ice cream, but the best places are: Heladeria La Nocciola Toscana & Gelateria La Romana.


How can you miss this when you are in Valencia? Paella is sold everywhere in Valencia.
El Raco de la Paella is a restaurant in Valencia that knows exactly how to serve the perfect paella! You can eat real Spanish tapas at Tapas Pamboria! Hmmm…Buen apetito or enjoy your meal!


Leda in Valencia
Leda in Valencia

These were my tips for Valencia. I hope it will be of some use to you during your holiday in Valencia! And if you have any nice tips or tasty restaurants for Valencia, leave a message in the comments!


I love discovering new places, new people and new cultures. Recently I traveled through South East Asia for four months. That was really spectacular! When will you get another chance like this? Sometimes you have to create opportunities yourself. I see travel more as an investment. So invest in yourself and explore!

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