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Amsterdam | 7 unique outings for adults

It's always fun to visit the magical city Amsterdam to explore. Whether you've been a few times or are traveling to this beautiful city for the first time; there are many fun outings that adults can do. Enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer, from dinner cruises to discovering escape rooms and from street art tours to a visit to the largest coffee shop. Here are 7 unique adult getaways in Amsterdam that will enrich your experience even more! Read on quickly to find out more.

1. Visit the largest coffee shop

The first outing that is definitely recommended to do is the largest coffee shop in Amsterdam visits. Bee Prix ​​d'Ami you will find everything you can expect in a normal coffee shop. So you can get products that you can consume, but also what you can learn. However, surprisingly much more is possible in this coffee shop. There is also a cinema. This can make your movie experience unique. You can even order milkshakes here, which makes this coffee shop definitely cozy.

Visit the largest coffee shop | Amsterdam
Visit the largest coffee shop | Amsterdam

2. Beer tasting

Another outing you can do is beer tasting. Amsterdam has many unique beers and breweries that you really must try when you are there. Most of the breweries in the city organize tours in which you can taste different beers. You will also receive information about the various breweries and the beers that are made here. So if you're looking for a unique experience, this is definitely for you. The most famous tour is that of Heineken, but there are also many other breweries with fun tours in Amsterdam.

3. A street art tour

Furthermore, a street art tour is something you should definitely do when you are in Amsterdam. There is a lot of beautiful street art to admire in the city, but some works of art you may not be able to find if you are not looking for them. A tour of the city will help you discover all these beautiful works of art. There are different routes you can take depending on how much time you have and what you want to see. So if you want to discover a completely different side of Amsterdam, then a street art tour is definitely something for you.

A street with art | Amsterdam
A street with art | Amsterdam

4. Visit the sex museum

In addition, it is also nice to visit it sex museum in Amsterdam. This is one of the oldest and most famous museums in the city. You can find several interesting exhibitions here that tell you more about the sexual history of Amsterdam. It's a fun experience for adults interested in sex and gender. Moreover, most people also learn something from this for their own lives, making this well worth a visit for many.

5. A dinner cruise

As a fifth outing you can also have a nice one cruise do with dinner. This allows you to discover different points of the city while enjoying good food and drinks. Most cruises are hosted by professional guides who can tell you more about the city and its cultural attractions. That is why this is an outing from which you can learn a lot while you can admire all the beautiful places in the capital from the water. And in the meantime your inner person is also enjoying it! This outing should certainly not be missing from your agenda.

A dinner cruise | Amsterdam

6. Discover escape rooms

You can also discover escape rooms in Amsterdam. These challenging activities will make you solve the mystery you are dealing with by doing different assignments within a certain time. So you have to work together with your teammates to make sure you solve everything and leave the escape room. There are different themes depending on what your interest is. Whether you like adventure or more into mysteries, there are enough escape rooms in Amsterdam to give you an unforgettable experience.

7. A tour of the Red Light District

Finally, you can also do a tour through the Red Light District. de Wallen is one of the most famous areas in Amsterdam and many want to see it. It is best to go here if you are accompanied and there are various tours that you can do. You will learn more about the history of the area and also what you can expect here. It is certainly an interesting outing, which is obviously more suitable for adults.

The Red Light District | Amsterdam
The Red Light District | Amsterdam

All in all, these are our recommendations for unique outings for adults in Amsterdam. Which outing will you choose later?

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