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Amsterdam from the air (with a drone) in 4K

Amsterdam is not only the capital of The Netherlands, it is also the city that is popular worldwide and receives more than a million tourists every year. Most Dutch people are familiar with the city, at least from the street or from a grassy field. From the air, it's a completely different story – you've probably never seen Amsterdam from that perspective! This video shows the city from a whole new perspective. The video was shot with a small DJI Mavic Mini drone by the 'Dutch Drone Derps', whoever that might be?

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Amsterdam is banned for drones

Juicy detail: it is strictly prohibited to fly a drone over large parts of the city. For those who are familiar with drones and the regulations that come with it: yes it is true, this video simply cannot be made in a legal way. You can see that the drone does not go very high and in that sense does not pose a danger to air traffic – it is still surprising that this video is simply on YouTube, so we will not be surprised if at some point it is taken offline by the authorities.

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Enjoy the drone images while you can

But before that, we can enjoy the beautiful images. In this clip you can see all the famous sights of the city. From the royal palace to the old church and back, you will be amazed at the beautiful canals of Amsterdam and everything that goes with it.

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List of locations in the video

Quick search for a specific location? Then we have made a shortcut list for you below:

  • Intro 0:00-0:10
  • Munttorren Tower / De L'Europe Amsterdam 0:10-0:20
  • Aluminum Bridge / Amstel 0:20-0:30
  • National Monument 0:30-0:36
  • The Old Church / The Old Church 0:36-0:41
  • Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam 0:41-0:47
  • National Opera & Ballet 0:47-0:55
  • Q-Park Europarking 0:55-1:01
  • Amsterdam Central / Central Station 1:01-1:10
  • Houseboat Canals 1:10-1:22
  • De L'Europe Amsterdam 1:22-1:32
  • Amstel 1:32-1:48
  • Amsterdam Central / Central Station 1:48-1:55
  • Basilica of Saint Nicholas 1:55-2:00
  • Eye Film Museum 2:00-2:06
  • Heineken Brewery 2:06-2:17
  • Royal Palace / Royal Palace Amsterdam 2:17-2:28
  • Rijksmuseum 2:28-2:58
  • Amstel 2:58-3:02
  • Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam 3:02-3:08
  • Merkur Casino Cinema 3:08-3:14
  • Canals 3:14-3:26
  • The Gooyer Mill 3:26-3:37
  • Amsterdam Central / Central Station 3:37-3:43
  • A'DAM Lookout 3:43-4:09
  • NEMO Science Museum 4:09-4:20
  • VOC ship Amsterdam 4:20-4:26
  • NEMO Science Museum 4:26-4:37
  • Sea Palace 4:37-4:42
  • Coin Tower Tower 4:42-4:48
  • Zaandam Mills 4:48-5:10
  • Johan Cruyff ArenA / Ajax Stadium 5:10-5:57
  • Outro 5:57-6:13
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