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Get some fresh air on the beach | The finest coastal areas in the Netherlands

When the clocks are turned back, the short dark days are already around the door. This increases the chance that you will get caught up in the daily grind again. What if I tell you you can break this one?

A few days outside and away from the familiar environment is good for everyone. That doesn't have to be far away. What does a long walk on the beach and in the dunes sound like? And then in the afternoon at a beach bar in for a cup of coffee with apple pie? Book a hotel by the sea, maybe go out in a city and you get away is complete.

In this article I list for you the most famous coastal areas of The Netherlands, perfect for a few days away, in a row.

Scheveningen Beach

Are you ready for some rest and that nice beach walk, but do you soon miss the hectic pace again? Then Scheveningen is the place for you! After waking up in the hotel and enjoying a delicious breakfast, you head to the beach for a lovely walk. If you have completely relaxed by the sea in the afternoon and it starts to itch again, then you have the city center of The Hague near.

Scheveningen | Get some fresh air on the beach
Scheveningen | Get some fresh air on the beach

After a breath of fresh air and your overnight stay, go shopping or grab a musical while you're there. Or if you have the kids with you, Madurodam is a nice outing, or Familiepark Drievliet or Duinrell! In short, there is something for everyone!


If you are a hip person and you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail after a breath of fresh air on the beach, Zandvoort is the destination for you. Along the boulevard you will find numerous beach pavilions, where you don't have to…

Zandvoort | Get some fresh air on the beach
Zandvoort | Get some fresh air on the beach

After delicious stay overnight in a luxury hotel, consider staying next door National Park South Kennemerland to visit. Not only can you relax there in the natural environment, but there is also plenty for children to discover. When the weather is nice, let the children play for hours in the sand, while you enjoy a delicious cocktail and a nice lunch at a beach bar. Is the weather less good? Then you go to it Beachcombersmu-ZEE-um. This small museum collects objects that were found on the beach, fun for the kids! You can visit this museum for free, which is also a nice bonus.

You can also Kennemer dunes to discover a beautiful nature reserve. You can walk from the visitor center (with a nice playground) to a beautiful lake where you can go for a swim if the weather is good. For those who like walking: there are shorter and longer routes through this dune area.

If you have calmed down quickly in those days, there is always the possibility to explore the beautiful city Haarlem to visit. There you walk through the small streets with historic buildings and over the Grote Markt.

The Zeeland beaches

Would you rather be in a quiet environment, then Zeeland the province for you. Not only are you surrounded by the sea and beautiful beaches, the countryside and picturesque villages give you the impression of an old Holland.

In the evening, sit back with a book or take a warm bath. If you are sufficiently charged and still want to go out, then Middelburg more than enough conviviality for a city walk or a delicious bite to eat.

Middelburg | Get some fresh air on the beach
Middelburg | Get some fresh air on the beach

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