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Rent a boat this spring? These are 4 nice places to sail

Are you in doubt about renting a boat? Or are you looking for a nice place in The Netherlands of Belgium to rent a boat? Several times a year I rent a boat in all corners of the Netherlands and Belgium, simply because it is wonderful! The sun on your face, a nice swim, the silence, the beautiful nature around you and a tasty snack and drink. Just enjoying!

In this article I share some of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and Belgium that are ideally suited to rent a boat.

Rent a boat in Zeeland

Zeeland is of course known for the delta and Delta Works. Discovering the Delta by boat is an experience in itself! The nice thing about Zeeland is that there is something for everyone to do. You can when you have a rent a boat in Zeeland for example, visit different islands or moor at random to discover nice historic towns. Prefer to swim and go to the beach? That is also possible in Zeeland. But the best thing on the water is of course to make a beautiful trip, there are sailing routes in abundance!

Because Zeeland is more than just canals and ditches, it is ideal for renting a sailing boat, for example. Or a large sloop that you can use to calmly chug over the water. Don't forget to admire the beautiful Zeeland Bridge with your own eyes!

Rent a boat in Friesland

Friesland also has a lot of water and many villages and towns are connected via numerous channels. Everyone knows the Elfstedentocht, where skaters pass 11 cities in Friesland on the ice. You can of course also do this sailing in the spring or summer! You can make a true city trip on the water in Friesland. It is best to do this with a small sloop that is also easy to maneuver in small canals and ditches. Sit back and enjoy the tall grass and the singing birds around you. We recently recorded the video below in Giethoorn, but you will also come across many of these beautiful green canals in Friesland.

Rent a boat in (Belgian) Limburg

A rent a boat in Belgian Limburg can be done in many places. The river Maas meanders from Maastricht in the Netherlands to Liège in Belgium and along the way there are countless beautiful places to moor. Sail one of the many canals or find a beautiful island for a nice barbecue! Experience the real captain feeling. Aye Aye Captain!

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Rent a boat in Giethoorn

Giethoorn was an independent municipality until 1973. It then became part of the municipality of Brederwiede, together with Wanneperveen, Blokzijl and Vollenhove. Giethoorn is perhaps the most touristic part of the Netherlands, and we understand very well why! It is an unreal beautiful place to rent a boat and sail around. Sail past the beautiful farms or take a day trip on the Bovenwijde via the Klossenvaart, Paaslooervaart, Brouwersgaten and Hoosjesgracht.


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