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Tips about Utrecht | Traveling in your own city | guest blog

Hi! I'm Carmen van @therealhungrytraveller† 010 + 020 = 030. That's what my boyfriend and I said to each other when we came from Rotterdam en Amsterdam moved to Utrecht a few months ago. We called it the "compromise city" for fun, because we both left our hometowns to start over together somewhere. At the start of my studies, in 2009, I had already lived in Utrecht for a year, so I knew how nice the city was. I didn't think it was a compromise at all to live here. But the city turned out to be much nicer than I thought. That is why I am now also making a list for you with the best places and tips in Utrecht. Maybe there is a place you know: at more famous places I always try to give an unknown tip, so that I can still add something? In this article with Tips about Utrecht we are going on a trip in our own city!

Tips about Utrecht

1. Hidden places in Utrecht

The nicest hidden places in Utrecht (I shouldn't tell you that of course ;)): restaurant Le Canard (a piece of Paris in Utrecht), restaurant Héron Petit, the courtyard of Het Huis on Amsterdamsestraatweg and the best Greek restaurant of 030 : Fat boy. You can walk right past that, while you really should try those gyros. 

2. The tastiest sandwiches in Utrecht

The best sandwiches in Utrecht: the Cubano Sandwich from Papichurro, The Legend sandwich from Toastable, Classic Bahn Mi from Kimmade and just all sandwiches from Broodje Ben.

3. Street art tips for Utrecht

Street art in Utrecht: this city is of course known for its beautiful murals. Whichever neighborhood you are in, you will see beautiful pictures everywhere. Yet there are many beautiful paintings in one area in the city, so I would like to tip you: around (and at the beginning of) the Amsterdamsestraatweg; in the Mimosastraat, the Goudsbloemstraat, the Meidoornstraat, the Adelaarstraat and the Daalsepark, you can find a lot of street art.

I also shared a route with these places on my Instagram account!

4. Instagram hotspots in Utrecht

The most beautiful Instagrammable places in town: restaurant Ruby Rose (the decor is really fantastic), the Streetfood Club (same story), Tiger Mama and restaurant Le Jardin. 

5. The most beautiful views in Utrecht

Places with the best view: WT Urban Kitchen (eating on the 10th floor of a water tower!), the terrace of the Pearl of Zuilen (overlooking the Vecht), Fort aan de Klop (hello old architecture) and of course from the Dom Tower! You can now temporarily 'climb' it with the elevator. Tip: 'climb' the Dom during sunset. 

Pearl of Columns, Utrecht

And would you rather just stay home during this period, but still enjoy good food? Then I recommend The Rum Club (half chicken with chipotle fries) or the menu of restaurant De Goedheyd. So you have a little restaurant at home!

Chicken from the Rum Club, Utrecht
Chicken from the Rum Club, Utrecht

Hidden gems close to home

It's a crazy year. Normally we would have traveled a few times this year and I would certainly be deep in research now for the next place. That's not going to happen, unfortunately. But also understandable. That's why I decided to see my move to Utrecht as 'this year's trip'. For example, I always do research into the 'hidden pearls' of a city when I go there during a city trip. I also did that for Utrecht. I spent the summer looking into which nice places Utrecht has to offer. And every day I discover more great tips for Utrecht!

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That's why I decided my Instagram account @therealhungrytraveller to start. I wanted to share all my knowledge about 030 with as many people as possible. But I also wanted to do something unique, really take care of people for a day out. That's why I also make routes in Utrecht: think of the best street art route, the tastiest sandwich route, the wrong pub route. I just want to show Utrecht residents, but also people who come to visit for a day, the nicest and most beautiful and special things in this city.

Hopefully these great tips about Utrecht will help you! Have fun and best regards,

Carmen Dorlo

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