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Tips for a holiday in the Netherlands

If you want to celebrate a holiday in your own country, there is of course plenty to do. Walk through forests, visit one of the hundreds of castles that are scattered throughout the country or go for a nice city trip where you can explore the best paying casinos in the Netherlands can visit.

De Hoge Veluwe

De Hoge Veluwe National Park is one of the most beautiful sights in the Netherlands with an enormous variety of nature. Colorful moors turn into forests that then open onto shifting sands. You can also spot many different wildlife here, such as red deer, wild boar, or deer.


Of course we as Dutch people are used to seeing windmills, but they are slowly disappearing. In Kinderdijk, however, you can still see nineteen historic windmills. 


Many traces of the past can be found in Drenthe, from glacier pits from the ice age to prehistoric fields. One of those traces of seduction are the dolmens. In the 17e century, these were thought to be the tombs of giants, whom he called "huns." 

You can also find the Museum Village Orvelte in Drenthe. The cobblestones and old cobblestones lead you past Saxon farms and craft businesses. Here you can see how old clogs are made.

Visit a museum

If you like different museums You can save a lot of money with a museum card. This card costs only 60 euros and allows you to visit more than 400 museums in the Netherlands for free.


In Schiedam you can find the highest windmills in the world. It is a beautiful old town with characteristic pawnshops and historic drawbridges. Here you can really see how people lived in the past.

Valkenburg Castle

A visit to Valkenburg Castle is definitely worth it. The history of this ruin goes back to the 11e century. The castle protrudes high above the town, but below the castle is also the most beautiful marl cave in Valkenburg where you can walk through the tunnel system.

Dom tower

In the middle of Utrecht are the remains of a Roman fortress under the Dom Tower. This Gothic church tower was added to the Dom Church in 1382 and has been an iconic landmark for centuries. You can climb this tallest church tower in the Netherlands and admire its fourteen unique bells before enjoying a beautiful view of the city from a height of 100 meters.

Bosberg Tower in Appelscha

The Bosbergtoren in Appelscha is the highest point in Friesland. It has a total length of 33 meters and is built on a twenty meter high dune. You can take an elevator to the top floor of the tower for a beautiful view over the surrounding forest.

Palace Het Loo

Paleis het Loo is a beautiful estate with many forests and wild animals that is located just outside Apeldoorn. Orange's family lived here for 300 years and both the palace and the spectacular gardens are a great place to visit on a day trip. The gardens feature Delft pottery and sculptures designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. You can walk through the palace with an audio tour where you learn all about the residents of the palace or visit the Coach House, where old cars, carriages and sleds are on display.


The Efteling is great fun to visit with the whole family during a day out. Walk through the Fairytale Forest, wander through the magical rooms of Symbolica or experience a hair-raising flight in Vogel Rok. The whole theme park is based on fairy tales, but not the fairy tales you grew up with. And if one day isn't enough, you can stay at the Efteling hotel for an extra day of fun.

Cruise the canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for the beautiful canals that run through the city. And these canals are a great way to see the entire downtown area. Rent a boat yourself to sail or take a tour with a larger group of people.

Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren

De Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren dates from the fourteenth century when it was not much larger than a stone house. It was not until the sixteenth century that the deposit was expanded and a surrounding moat was excavated. The current building was completed in 1781.

There is plenty to do during a holiday in your own country and you will certainly enjoy yourself at all these sights.

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