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5x the best sights in Volendam

Not only known by the Dutch singers Jan Smit en Nick & Simon, but also by the good atmosphere the fishing village of Volendam is popular with tourists and many Dutch people† In the summer you can always come here for tasty fresh fish (especially the herring is very tasty), a visit to the Marken peninsula or just for fun. In Volendam you will find nice sights and activities to undertake for both young and old. We preceded you and share our tips here!

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Volendam Landmarks

Even though Volendam is not very big, you can still do a lot fun activities to undertake. Volendam is especially popular in spring and summer, but you can also visit one of the museums here in winter, for example. Fun fact: did you know that Volendam was originally called Folle(n)dam? Or that no clear structure has been laid out in the roads of the old town, making it like a maze? Pay a visit to this cute fishing village and learn even more about this authentic place.

Volendam Attractions

1. Explore the streets of Volendam

Wherever I am, wandering through small authentic streets is never boring. This is possible very well in Volendam. As mentioned before, when the streets in the old center were laid out, no fixed street pattern was used, which makes it seem as if you are wandering through a maze. The wooden facades en small houses provide a cozy atmosphere and make it very nice to walk through the streets. Since the old center is not very big, you can easily do this with children.

2. Visit the cheese factory

For the real cheese lovers among us, this attraction in Volendam should not be missed. A visit to the cheese factory is very interesting. Here you will learn more about the process of making cheese and see what materials they use to do this. What's also really nice is that they organize tastings at the cheese factory and you can walk around in their museum. And while you're there, immediately take a nice piece of cheese home with you!

3. Explore the area by bike

Is the weather nice and do you enjoy cycling? Explore Volendam by bike† You are wonderfully moving and at the same time you can enjoy everything around you. In addition, you can also choose not to go by boat but by bike to Marken to go. From Volendam it is about 16 km by bike to Marken. It takes about 45 minutes and you also pass the village Monnickendam† Nice to combine the different villages in one day.

4. Visit Marken

Marken, first an island and now a peninsula that has been connected to the mainland by a dike since 1957. Mainly the striking traditional costume contributed to the popularity of Marken. In Marken you will find many houses built on wooden piles. Even this small peninsula is divided into several hamlets and Marken also has two churches. The special thing about the inhabitants of Marken is that they traditions keep the past in honour. You can see this when you walk through the village. If you are in Marken, pay a visit to the clog making† Here you can admire the unique craft of making a clog.

5. Take a photo in traditional costume

Nothing is more hilarious than having a photo in traditional costume† One thing is for sure, you can't go wrong with it! Play tourist in your own country for a while and hoist yourself in one of the typical Volendam costumes† Just smile for the camera and it's done in no time. Also very nice to have a family photo taken! In Volendam you will find several photo studios where you can go for a photo in traditional costume. You can usually pick up your photo within an hour. Call in advance if they still have room, because in high season they can be very busy.

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