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Thermae 2 | Wellness in Limburg

a day wellness in Limburg† Then you immediately think of wellness center Thermae 2OOO, located on the top of the Cauberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul† A day at Thermae 2OOO feels like a holiday. You go offline for a while and take the rest and time for yourself. Immerse in the thermal indoor and outdoor pools, relax in one of the many saunas, take a relaxing massage and end your day with a snack and drink. As a loyal Thermae 2OOO visitor, I am happy to tell you what you can expect from this spa.

Tip: Also read the blog about 7x to do's in Valkenburg aan de Geul† A very pleasant, historic town with plenty to see. And of course fun in combination with a visit to Thermae 2OOO.

Indoor & Outdoor Thermal Pools

Not everyone realizes this during his or her visit, but if you have been to Thermae 2OOO regularly then you know that this a special place is. The water is thermal water that has been closed off from outside influences for about 40.000 years. There are 3 ancient springs that are currently used for the thermal water in the indoor and outdoor pools and for drinking water. You will feel after a visit that this water is pure. Your skin feels super soft. The water in the indoor and outdoor pools is 32°C, so you can stay here all year round. In the baths there are also various whirlpoolswhere the temperature rises further. In addition to the large indoor and outdoor pool, there is also a practice pool (inside) where activities such as floating and aqua fit take place. You can register for this during a visit to Thermae 2OOO.

Wellness Limburg | The outdoor and indoor pools are connected.
The outdoor and indoor pools are connected.

Sunbathing area with terraces

Around the outdoor pools is a beautiful, large lawn where you can relax (when the sun is shining). Recently here 2 new whirlpools placed where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the hilly landscape of Valkenburg aan de Geul. In addition, there is a panorama building with sun terrace 'The Food Truck', various rest areas and a large panorama sauna 'Infinitum'.

Thermae 2000 | In the summer you can enjoy the view here!
In the summer you can enjoy the view here!

Extensive sauna landscape

This spa in Limburg has a huge range of different saunas. There are as many as 9 saunas (both indoors and outdoors) and 2 steam baths† In addition, you will also find various . in the sauna landscape rest areas, an cold bath, (deposit)showers en scrub salt† The panorama sauna 'Infinitum' is the largest sauna in Thermae 2OOO. This offers space for about 100 people. There are also plenty of small saunas that create a more intimate atmosphere. Because there is so much offer and space, you don't have to worry about not having a place. Experience shows that there is a good throughput.

Wellness Limburg | The cold bath at the sauna landscape of Thermae 2OOO
The cold bath at the sauna landscape of Thermae 2OOO.


Infusions are given in various saunas. All you have to do is make sure you are at the right sauna on time. During the pouring, shoots of water are poured onto the stones, the water evaporates and the humidity in the sauna rises as a result. As a result, the sauna getting warmer and more intense is becoming. Of course you can leave the sauna at any time.

Wellness Limburg | The all new panorama sauna called "Infinitum".
The all-new panorama sauna called “Infinitum”.

Wellness treatments

You can complete a visit to Thermae 2OOO if you opt for a massage or beauty treatment. So nice! You can book this in advance (online) or on site at one of the receptions. With your bathrobe and slippers you walk at the agreed time from the swimming or sauna landscape to the beauty salon where there is a super relaxed atmosphere. The offer of massages and beauty treatments is huge, so prepare yourself for the necessary stress of choice. In addition to these treatments, you can also visit the beauty salon for hypnotherapyVarious workshops focused on mental well-being and shopping their own care line Thermae For Me.

Wellness Limburg | You can completely relax in the beauty salon.
You can completely relax in the beauty salon.

Restaurants and hotel Thermae 2OOOO

One day wellness Maastricht not enough? Understandable! Adjacent to the wellness is it 4 stars spa hotel Limburg† From the hotel you walk (again wonderfully with your bathrobe) to the wellness center. When you book a hotel stay, you can use the wellness center for 2 days.

And last but definitely not least: food! In Thermae 2OOO you will find no less than 5 restaurants all of which have their own charm. Restaurant Sense offers a wide choice of salads, main courses and desserts, Bread & Bites is perfect for a delicious lunch, The Lounge Bar serves tasty smoothies and Limburg flan, The Food Truck (on the roof terrace outside) that's where you go for delicious paninis and pokébowls and bee Restaurant Pure you can dine high class.

Delicious food on the terrace of Restaurant Pure!
Delicious food on the terrace of Restaurant Pure!
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