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World trip in our own country: discover these green places in the Netherlands

In 2020, the number of holidays going abroad halved by the pandemic. Although we are slowly but surely opting for a trip across the borders in 2021, there is also a large number of people who stay in their own country. That's good, because the Netherlands has a lot to offer. Our country, for example, has a large number of magical nature reserves that you really should have visited. Which green areas are worth visiting and where can you sleep? You read it here.

Discover the Veluwe from Otterlo

In the province of Gelderland you will find the well-known nature reserve of the Veluwe. This area is about 1000 km2 where a great diversity of nature can be seen and experienced. One of the popular parts of the Veluwe is the Hoge Veluwe National Park. There are fences around this park and you have to pay an entrance fee to enter; yet it feels like you are here completely free somewhere in the heart of nature. Grab a free white bike at the entrance and discover the hidden spots in this beautiful park.

In the middle of the park you will find the Kröller-Müller Museum where various art can be viewed. You can also have a nice snack and drink nearby and then continue cycling or walking with full energy. Our tip? Go very early in the morning or a little early in the evening to spot deer and other game. Close to the park you will find Droompark de Zanding where you can relax amidst the greenery. Immediately Dreamparks discount code you always score a good deal here.

The Frisian Lakes: holiday by the water

If you go a bit to the north, you will arrive at the Frisian Lakes, a water-rich municipality in Friesland† As you might guess, water is central to a vacation in this area. The nature reserve has long been extremely popular with water sports enthusiasts and enthusiasts. The most famous lakes here include the Sneekermeer, the Tjeukemeer and the Heegermeer. What is very nice is that the lakes are mainly shallow. With a little sun, the water is therefore warmed up in no time.

That means you can enjoy a swim in the Frisian Lakes. So don't forget to bring your swimwear on a summer day! Which is of course great to rent a boat to discover this area. In addition to the many charming villages and a few towns, you will find plenty of tranquility here in nature and on the water. Do you also want to stay overnight at the Frisian Lakes? In this area you will find numerous holiday homes, some of which are even right on the water. 

Celebrating a holiday on the Wadden Islands

When we talk about nature in the Netherlands, the beautiful Wadden Islands should of course not be missed! A weekend trip to the Wadden Islands really should be on your bucket list when you feel like getting away from it all for a short period of time. There are five Dutch islands that you can visit and to be honest? No island is the same! If you like nature and cosiness, you are in the right place anyway, because on every island you will find a good combination of both. Take Texel or Terschelling, for example, where there are plenty of villages to be found, but where you can also enjoy cycling and walking.

The smaller islands such as Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog are perfect for beautiful walks in nature. These islands are small but offer enough sights for a long weekend away. For example, on Vlieland you can walk for hours on the vast sandy beach at the Vliehors, while on Schiermonnikoog it is highly recommended to cycle through the woods, along the village and the coastline. On all islands you will find plenty of options for hotels, holiday homes and campsites where you can spend the night.

Dunes and beaches at Castricum

If you want to experience the real green holiday feeling in your own country, you will of course look for the most beautiful dunes and beaches! Castricum is close to the sea and is easily accessible both by car and public transport from Haarlem, Amsterdam and Alkmaar.

Spend a nice weekend on the beach at Castricum and take beautiful walks. Drink a cocktail at sunset in one of the countless beautiful beach pavilions and end your day with a walk through the dunes between the long, green grass.

There are several campsites in the area where you can also stay with your caravan, tent or camper. In addition, there are also several hotels nearby. Are you looking for nice places to visit in and around Castricum? Then these are some nice ones addresses for a holiday in Castricum.

Discover the hills of South Limburg

Finally, a completely different nature reserve than the above places: South Limburg. Anyone who has ever been to the south of the country knows that the atmosphere there is very different from the atmosphere in the north. In South Limburg you sometimes really feel like you are in Belgium. The houses are different in construction, there are hills to be found and the cities have a historic and cozy feel. Take Maastricht or Valkenburg for example – you will never be bored there.

But: maybe you don't need cities and you want to go out into nature. South Limburg is also suitable for this: think of rolling hills, bizarre plateaus and untouched forest areas that sometimes look very non-Dutch. In this province you will find many quiet areas where you can really recharge. Looking for wild nature? Then discover the Schinveldse Bossen. In this area you also have plenty of choice for accommodation options, including holiday parks and holiday homes.

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