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The best of both sides. This is how you could describe Turkey in short. This large country is located in both Europe and Asia. Turkey is a state with an impressive resume. Many empires and peoples lived in this territory. The Ottoman Empire, for example. The history of the Turks goes back centuries. Present-day Turkey is making considerable progress economically. However, due to its location against the borders of Iran, Iraq and Syria, the country also remains a place where tensions can run high. Fortunately, with its busy cities, long coastlines and lovely seaside resorts, Turkey has a lot to offer.

The intense Istanbul

Ankara is the bustling capital where the modern architecture immediately stands out. Yet Ankara is not the largest city. That is, of course, Istanbul, the city that is split in two by the border between Asia and Europe. Istanbul is the true face of Turkey with its lively markets, contemporary shopping centers and crowded streets. The carpets hang on the walls, the herbs and spices evaporate in the dusty back streets. Turkey is packed with culture and history, Istanbul is the intense proof of this.

Strolling on the boulevards

But don't forget the Turkish countryside. Mountain ranges, the Bosphorus, desert landscapes, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the lunar landscape near Cappadocia: to understand the whole country you will have to travel around for several weeks. Also popular are seaside resorts such as Antalya, Kemer and Belek. Strolling on the boulevards, baking on the sun-drenched beaches, that's Turkey too!

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