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On holiday to Bosnia | 5 reasons to travel through this beautiful country

I decided to fly to Bologna in Italy to travel from there for a month through the Balkan countries Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro en Serbia† What a great trip that was! I have already written a lot about those countries on world travelers, but Bosnia was still missing for a new blog. In this article I write about Bosnia and reasons to travel through this beautiful country. It is a versatile country, it is very hospitable and above all: dirt cheap. A holiday to Bosnia is not that crazy after all!

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5 reasons to travel through Bosnia

1. Bosnians are very hospitable

We departed from Croatia to the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo. We went by bus and only had euros and the Croatian kunas with us. It was a long bus ride and we were so tired that we decided to go to sleep. If you have bought a bus ticket, you will not be checked when you board. This only happens a few hours later. Suddenly we were woken up by a controller. There were two people too many on the bus who should have got off one stop earlier.

Sarajevo, Bosnia
Sarajevo, Bosnia

So it turned out that we had bought the wrong ticket! Oops, but they couldn't just throw us off the bus, could they? We wanted to add extra money, but they didn't accept euros or kuna. hmm what to do now? There was a friendly Bosnian who is now in America lived and he spoke in Bosnian to the inspector. He added some money and the controller said it was all right.

We told the man who helped us that we wanted to withdraw money when we arrived in Sarajevo. He laughed and said…I don't need anything and thank you for visiting my country. This was a warm welcome to Bosnia! We thanked him in Bosnian and said Thank you!

So our first impression was good, but could it be better? JA is the answer. We were tired and wanted to have a nice dinner. It was striking that we were one of the few tourists. We were received very warmly and were offered all kinds of Bosnian desserts. Then there was a Bosnian who paid for our drinks and then left and said 'enjoy Sarajevo'. Fun fact is that Bosnians drink thick coffee, then your future is predicted, also called watching coffee grounds.

Bosnian Coffee
View from the restaurant

2. Bosnia is dirt cheap

One of the reasons why we wanted to stay as long as possible in the Balkans is because it is dirt cheap. Tourism is upcoming. In Bosnia, payment is made with the Bosnian Mark. The Euro is also accepted, but it is usually more expensive. You can exchange money almost everywhere. You will not lose much for your stay. We had a hostel, centrally located, clean and we paid around 12 euros per person per night. We hardly ever looked at the price, because everything is so affordable.

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3. The food is delicious

I always like to eat local food when I am travelling. A must when traveling to Bosnia is eating Burek. This is a puff pastry snack filled with cheese, spinach or meat. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just as a snack. Available almost everywhere in Bosnia for less than 1 euro. It is really everywhere at the local markets.

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For dinner you have lost around 20 euros for the two of you. And for those 20 euros you are packed. Recommended is the cevapcici! That is a meat dish that is known all over the Balkans.

Food in Bosnia
local market

Tip:: To get around Bosnia quickly and easily, you can also choose to rent a car. Discover cars is a popular one car rental comparison site in Bosnia that scans the different providers for the best deals.

4. Going out is special

Going out in Sarajevo means guaranteed fun! Only downside is that smoking is allowed (almost) everywhere in Bosnia, even in clubs and cinemas. Anyway, we went out in Cinemas Slogan.

The nice thing about this disco is that there are different theme evenings and that they mainly play Boschnian music. Because of this I couldn't sing along at full throttle. This was what made it special, I was in Bosnia! I loved seeing how everyone enjoyed and dressed up.

Going out in Bosnia is an experience in itself
Going out in Bosnia is an experience in itself

In Sarajevo you also have nice terraces in the center. It is good to know that Bosnia is an Islamic country and therefore no alcohol is consumed at many terraces. Good to know that it can be dangerous to drink tap water. Funny I came across water with my name, leda.

5. Traveling through Bosnia has an impact

Bosnia is an Islamic country and has a pretty intense history with a lot of black pages. This is still very sensitive for the Bosnians. We walked up a mountain and saw all the graves. This has made quite an impact. Bosnians prefer to talk about history as little as possible. It is still very sensitive. I noticed this when I told them that we would also visit Serbia during our trip.

Cemetery to commemorate the dead of the genocide
Cemetery to commemorate the dead of the genocide

If you are really interested in the history and want to know more about it, I advise you to visit various museums, for example the War Childhood Museum en Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide.

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These were my my top 5 reasons for a trip to Bosnia! Do you have any nice places or tips for Bosnia? Then let us know in the comments. If you're looking for even more inspiration, we also have a great roadtrip route through Bosnia for you from fellow blog Yvonnereistverder.nl. Enjoy reading!

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  • Inglese:
    Burek. This is a puff pastry snack filled with cheese, spinach or meat.

    Burek = filled with meat. The other pies are called something else!!!

    Burek. Detta är ett smördegssnack fyllt med ost, spenat eller kött.

    Burek = fyllt med kött. The andra pajerna hotter annat!!!

  • English: I have lived in Bosnia all my life. Everyone can drink tap water indoors and outdoors. What you write is not the correct information. We actually have very clean water, it doesn't taste bad like, for example, in France. Thank you!

    Swedish: Jag har levt i Bosnien hela mitt liv. Alla kan dricka kranvatten inom- och utomhus. Det du skriver är inter ratt information. Vi har jätte rentvate faktiskt, smakar inte illa som t.ex i Frankrike. tack!

  • hey doorten,

    You are absolutely right! But this is the report from one person's point of view. If you can tell us something nice about the beautiful nature and countryside in Bosnia, we would like to place it on the website. We would like to hear it!

  • Nice report, it's just a shame that words like nature and countryside do not appear in the report. Bosnia must be more than just Sarajevo!

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