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Bulgaria is located in the eastern part of the Balkans. The country is surrounded by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea. Bulgaria is on a fast track to become a favorite holiday destination in Eastern Europe. The pleasant waves of the Black Sea, the historic capital Sofia and the vibrant nature inland are increasingly reasons for travelers to travel to Bulgaria. The cultural heritage is everywhere in this pleasant country with its friendly inhabitants.

Cities in Bulgaria

The capital Sofia is of course the number one city to visit. Cozy old streets, small shops, but also modern shopping centers and trendy bars. Yet there is more than that. Travel on to cities such as Byzantine Plovdiv, coastal town Varna, medieval Veliko Tûrnovo or Ruse on the Danube. Each city shows different versions of Bulgaria without denying its Bulgarian historical origins.

Zwarte Zee

Bulgaria is a totally unknown area for many westerners. That is not really strange, because the country has been in the hands of the communists for decades, who hardly sought contact with the west. Even after the fall of the Wall, Bulgaria has only opened up little by little.

Tourism is booming and with the help of Swedish, Finnish and Austrian companies, major investments have been made since the early XNUMXs to attract more tourists, especially to the beaches of the Black Sea. That seems to be working well, because more than half a million people flock to the sunny beach, forty kilometers north of the port city of Burgas.

Bulgarian nature

The mountain ranges of the Balkan Mountains and their deep canyons are prime locations for tough hikes and long walks. The low plains near the Danube are also a stunning area to travel around, where you can admire the Bulgarian countryside undisturbed.

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