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Hidden somewhere in between Romania, Ukraine and the rivers Prut and Dniester lies the small state of Moldova. More than 3,5 million inhabitants know this unknown country, which is one of the poorest countries on our continent. The capital is Chisinau, located in the center of the country. Don't expect lavish cities that effortlessly follow contemporary trends. Rather, a trip through Moldova will transport you back to the days of the old Eastern Bloc: small villages where time seems to have stood still, vast landscapes and rolling hills that reach to the distant horizon, with the occasional moon and crescent as granite evidence of Past.

Moldovan wine and cognac

Sandwiched between the major powers, the former Soviet Republic of Moldova has still not found its place since its independence in 1991. Yet the opportunities and possibilities that Moldova offers are greater than the obstacles. The combination of soil and climate is very fertile, Moldavian wine and cognac enjoy a good reputation – the same goes for the tobacco industry and the country is a stone's throw from the Black Sea.

The Russian Heritage

The fact that Moldova is a poor country is reflected in the cities. Gray buildings, deserted neighborhoods without frills, the Russian Legacy is still quite palpable everywhere. So don't be surprised if you still come across images of Lenin. The country has been independent since 1991. A few years later, Transnistria tried to withdraw from Moldova through a civil war. To date, Transnistria thinks it is an independent state within Moldova, although no other country recognizes Transnistria. Besides Chisinau, the main towns are Tiraspol, Bender and Cahul.

Nature in Moldova

In Moldova you will mainly find meadows, hills and the two arteries Prut and Djnestr. The highest point in the country is Dealul Bālānesti, which is only 430 m above sea level. A trip through Moldova is a true experience, precisely because there are no fast trains or perfect highways here. You travel as they did here a hundred years ago. And it is precisely this experience that makes traveling in Moldova complete.

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