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City trip Porto | 5 tips

The port city Porto in the north of Portugal is always a good destination for a city trip! Besides that you can easily flights to Porto book for a small price, there is also a lot to see and do. In this blog I give you 5 tips for the most beautiful sights and best activities in Porto.

1. Cais da Ribeira

The most famous face of Porto is of course the Luis I Bridge, (Location here ), but did you know that there is a very cozy and photogenic promenade next to it, called Cais da Ribeira? On the boardwalk (location here ) you will find souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and there are often street musicians to make it even more pleasant. The perfect place to settle down on the terrace, order a snack and drink and admire the bridge.

Cais da Ribeira | City trip to Porto
Cais da Ribeira | City trip to Porto

2. Visit the buildings

The skyline of Porto is characterized by old buildings and towers. Most of these are from ancient churches and cathedrals. You can see them from the outside, but sometimes they can also be seen from the inside. You will marvel at the detailed splendor.

For example, the Church of San Francisco church (location here ) from the 14th century, a remarkable interior with Baroque altarpieces and gilded wood. In other words, it's all gold inside. In addition, the important historical monument Palace of the Stock Exchange (Location here ), to visit the stock exchange palace. Many of these buildings in Porto are on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a reason.

The skyline | City trip to Porto
The skyline | City trip to Porto

3. Cycling

Almost all sights are within a pleasant cycling distance of each other. Although it will sometimes be a matter of stairs or dismount in the uneven city center, it is wonderful to drive around on the edge of the city.

Follow a route along the sights, but don't forget the beaches. If you follow along the south side of the river, it will take you past old fishing villages and long beaches.

4. Tasting Port

You haven't been to Porto without tasting Port. The port wines are often made from raspberries, plums and blackberries and therefore have a sweet taste. In the Douro River you will see the well-known boats containing the port barrels and many Port tastings and tours are offered in the city. During a tour you visit the often ancient wine cellars and they show you how the wine is made.

Cockburn´s wine cellar | City trip to Porto
Cockburn´s wine cellar | City trip to Porto

If you have a little more time, visit the vineyards just outside the city to enjoy the Portuguese atmosphere even more.

5. Even more to taste…

The connoisseur can really enjoy his/her heart in Porto! Next to your glass of port you will find the tastiest cheeses and olives. Don't forget to have a cup of coffee with your coffee custard tarts to order, a Portuguese delicacy of puff pastry and cream.

Pasteis de Nata | City trip to Porto
Pasteis de Nata | City trip to Porto

Because Porto is located on the sea, a lot of fish is also fished in every day. A visit to Porto is therefore not complete without eating the freshest fish or seafood. There are plenty of chic seafood restaurants in the center, but it can also be fun to go to one of the neighboring fishing villages on the Douro.

Fresh fish at a small restaurant | City trip to Porto
Fresh fish at a small restaurant | City trip to Porto
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