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Round trip Scandinavia | An unforgettable journey from fjord to smørrebrød

TWhile everyone is sweating and cursing in their sweltering car on the overcrowded highways to southern Europe, you can cruise in total freedom on the beautiful roads of Scandinavia during this round trip. This rugged land of Vikings, fjords and thousands of lakes stretches from Denmark, Sweden, Norway en Finland to the Arctic Circle. Arctic and sometimes inhospitable, but always adventurous and chillingly beautiful. Every country has its own unique capital; metropolises where hipsters, the enterprising creative and the old guard welcome you with open arms. It is best to travel through Scandinavia with a car or camper. Every route is conceivable and camping is almost always possible. This way you keep everything under control and you can travel the way you want. A tour of Scandinavia is without borders and only freedom!

By the way, from April 2022 there will be a direct ferry connection from Groningen to Norway. Scandinavia is literally on our doorstep, so what are you waiting for?

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De tour in Scandinavia normally starts in Copenhagen, Denmark for many. This city with the radiant center of the Little Mermaid immediately sets the right tone for the onward journey. Hip architecture and contemporary shops – just stroll along the shopping promenade Strøget – alongside typical Danish culture such as the colorful fishermen's houses. Take the short trip to Nyhavn, for example, to see the 300-year-old harbor houses. Copenhagen also stands for a nice fish meal on a cozy terrace by the water and for friendly people who are never afraid to help you on your way. Before you travel further, you should of course taste smørrebrød, smoked sild and cinnamon rolls. The Nordic Cuisine has made quite a name for itself in recent years, star restaurant Noma has not been chosen as the best restaurant in the world a few times for nothing. And let them just be found in Copenhagen…

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Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark


We then continue our tour in Scandinavia and drive on to Sweden, the home of Pippi Longstocking and the grey-turned LPs of Abba. Sweden is the land of 100.000 lakes. One of these is Lake Vättern. Be sure to stop by the medieval village of Vadstena to try your fishing luck. Because what could be better than a delicious dinner with self-caught salmon or trout, enjoying the setting sun that slowly disappears into the lake? The tour continues along the rocky coastline of Gothenburg. An overnight stay here at the Nya Varvet Studios is highly recommended. The hotel overlooks the atmospheric harbor and is an excellent place to relax.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

Capital Stockholm is the next stop. This flashy city stretches across 14 islands. Island of Gamla Stan is the old center, packed with fashionable shops, merchant houses and nice streets. The SoFo district is another gem in Stockholm. You can easily enter the district via one of the many bridges that connect the islands. Small boutiques, wondrous exhibits and arty galleries, SoFo is the creative hub of Swedish art. If you feel more like a return to the days of the Vikings, head to the islet of Birka, Sweden's very first town.


Off to Norway, land of the northern Lights† The nature here is simply stunning and should therefore not be missed on your trip through Scandinavia. Mountain plateaus, glaciers, waterfalls, but of course especially the majestic fjords will immediately enchant you. To get to the capital Oslo, you pass small fishing villages and meadows with grazing reindeer. Oslo itself is a city full of art and beautiful architecture. The opera house is one of her showpieces.

From Oslo you travel to Bergen, the most beautiful city in Norway. The wooden houses, the characteristic harbor with its charming fish market and the Fløibanen, the funicular to the mountain Fløyen, you have to see it.

A trip through Norway is not perfect without a drive along Sognefjord, king of the fjords. You drive along the 200 km long inlet via winding roads, waterfalls and meter high cliffs. The views are like from a Photo album, simply gorgeous.

Then continue north towards Tromso. This is one of the world's most famous places to spot the Northern Lights. Also here you can find the most amazing whale watching† Book a whale safari and tick this amazing activity off you bucketlist.!

Bergen, Norway. Of course, this should not be missing from your trip through Scandinavia.
Bergen, Norway

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And then there is Finland. A perfect country to end your trip through Scandinavia. This Land of the Sami is a totally different world. Here, close to the Arctic Circle, you travel through forested plateaus and past many lakes to arrive at Wild Taiga, the Siberian pine tree region home to bears, wolves, lynx and moose. the winter Finland is an exciting destination. Skiing in Lapland, ice swimming or husky safaris, the Finns know exactly how to challenge a world traveler. Capital Helsinki is both innovative and traditional. For example, visit the castle island of Suomenlinna, which is located just outside the harbor. Or relax in one of the extensive parks or on a pleasant terrace by the water with a steaming cup of coffee. After all, Finland is the number one coffee country.

Lapland, Finland. Of course, this should not be missing from your trip through Scandinavia.
Lapland, Finland
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