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Jordan is also home to the world famous Grand Canyon of Jordan. This gorge is beautiful to see. Here you have an impressive view of the entire area. It is definitely worth taking a look at the Grand Canyon of Jordan.

The ancient city of Petra was built in the middle of the desert. The Nabateans have lived here for over 2000 years. They cut houses, mausoleums and temples into the rocks in great numbers. As Petra is a hub of several trade routes, the city is very prosperous. Petra is a breathtakingly beautiful place and arguably the highlight of your Jordan trip.

Aqaba is the only real seaside resort in Jordan, but because Jordan is an Islamic country, women are not allowed to lie on the beach in a bikini. Only come if you want to snorkel or dive for a day. Aqaba is located in the Red Sea, where there are many beautiful diving and snorkeling spots. If you want to snorkel, it is best to take an afternoon snorkeling trip and dive under the guidance of one of the many diving schools.

The Dead Sea is one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena in the Middle East. It is called the “Dead Sea” because there are no fish or other animals in the water. This is due to the salt content of 33%. The special thing is that you can float effortlessly on the water.

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