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Australia has been the dream country for backpackers for many years. Because let's face it, who wouldn't want to backpack through this fantastic country? Or tour around with a rented camper van? On the one hand, there are the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth where you will feel right at home. On the other side there is the endless landscape of the outback and the wilderness of the bush. Australia is incredibly varied, no two states are alike. You can relax in complete chill mode on one of the many white beaches, such as on the Whitsunday Islands, dive into the colorful coral world of the Great Barrier Reef, watch crocodiles up close in the bush like a real Steve Irwin or surf off the coast of perth. Are you going to Australia? Then take your time because there is so much to do and see!

Surfing in Sydney

With Sydney, Australia has a world-class city. And it shows! The Opera House, The Harbor Bridge, Hyde Park, Sydney Tower, just to name a few must-sees. Go crazy and take a walk on the edge of The Harbor Bridge. The view is more than worth the trembling legs. Of course, with Bondi Beach, Sydney also has a super cool beach on its doorstep. Perfect time to learn to surf!

Don't forget Melbourne!

Melbourne may look like Sydney's smaller brother but is rather the twin brother. Less business, more music and bands. Compare it with Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Many tourists choose one city while the other is just as interesting. So don't forget to visit Melbourne during your tour of Australia. The same goes for Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, as well as smaller towns such as Cairns, Darwin and Hobart in Tasmania.

Nature Tours in Aussie

The wildlife in Australia is unprecedented. The mighty red rock formation Ayers Rock in the Red Center, in the middle of Aussie, is the most famous. But the Twelve Apostles along the coast between Melbourne and Adelaide are also enchanting. An overnight stay on Fraser Island in Queensland has become a pleasant obligation when you are in Australia. Some other highlights in the underrated western part of Australia are Broome, Nambung National Park and Bungle Bungle Ranges.

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