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Doubts in Australia | Arrange a Covid-19 visa or return to NL?

We are in mid-October Australië, with about two months to go on our current visa. The Australian summer is about to start, temperatures are already approaching 30 degrees and the fantastic life that has always been here is being upgraded once again. However, we are currently in a period where we don't know what to do. The visa expires, go back to The Netherlands in the winter is actually a doom scenario. Especially with the current corona thing. But do we want to study here? Or are we going to gamble for a Covid Visa? Or maybe we'll wait for New Zealand to open. In short: Doubts abroad.

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Which visa are we going to apply for? Or back to NL?
Which visa are we going to apply for? Or back to NL?

Working Holiday Visa in Australia

We are currently on our second work visa in Australia. This gives us the right to work and travel across the country. We have made good use of this for almost two years now. So good that we actually want to stay a little longer. However, there aren't that many options left here. We currently have the choice to start a study, apply for a Covid Visa or stay on a Tourist Visa and wait for New Zealand to open.

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Student Visa in Australia

Doubts run through our minds every day, as we don't know what we're doing right. A student visa costs a lot of money, which is quite a risk, especially in view of Australia's non-opening borders. Especially because we are going to the Netherlands for a month in May because of the wedding of Thom's sister. We would have to tap off thousands of dollars to take advantage of this. An option in itself, were it not for the fact that we want to come back here after our trip to the Netherlands.

Covid Visa in Australia

In response to the corona virus, Australia has created a so-called Covid Visa. You can use this if you work on a farm in the countryside or if you cannot go to your home country after your visa has expired. It is of course not very pleasant in the Netherlands at the moment, so we could probably qualify for this. But nobody knows what the world will look like in two months. The big disadvantage is that if this visa is rejected, you cannot apply for a new visa and have to leave the country.

Tourist visa in Australia

The last option is to apply for a tourist visa and continue working 'illegally'. We hope that the limits of New Zealand open, where we have another similar one Working Holiday Visa can request. Anyway, the borders are still closed for the time being.

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All in all, we are therefore full of doubts. Going back to the Netherlands is at the bottom of our list. It is absolutely not a disaster and the Netherlands is more than fine. We only currently have our work, home and life here. In addition, we can also save well with our income.

Apply for a visa | Doubts in Australia
Apply for a visa | Doubts in Australia

Nobody knows what will happen. The doubts are increasing, although we do realize that these are all luxury choices. We have hardly been bothered by the whole corona thing. Still, we hope we can continue our journey and enjoy everything Australië and maybe New Zealand has to offer us.

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