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Life in Australia | Looking back at 2020 and Whatifwefly designs

We (Thom and Lianne van Whatifwefly) wish everyone, from our gin and tonic smelly bunker on the east coast of Australië, a very happy new year. This year was of course mainly worrying for everyone. Yet we think that, despite all the restrictions, it is a very positive thing that everyone has had the opportunity to think carefully about what he or she finds really important in life. Acting on it is of course another matter. This way we find out that the taste of fried bacon is really intensely good.

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Whatifwefly | Happy New Year!
Whatifwefly | Happy New Year!

We are no longer going to venture into predictions for the new year. This year we went quite badly wrong with that. We do hope that this year we can go to the Netherlands in a normal way and that we can finally embrace our families again! Fortunately, the most important thing is that we are still going to start the new year as two teenagers in love. Tonight we will drink a small glass of wine. Make something of it people!

Whatifwefly_ designs

Now that we're all in lockdown, it's time to be creative again. For example, Lianne now sells her bricks and drawings with frames and all in Australia. The Aussies drop by the door every day to pick up products for Christmas, for example. The walks towards the door have already caused up to 1 cm extra calluses on that blond chick.

Whatifwefly | Design World map
Whatifwefly | Design World map

Unfortunately, we don't have any lists available in the Netherlands yet, although we are of course working on that. And if you happen to already have a nice list, it's also great to hang something in it. Or are we crazy? Feel free to take a look at the Whatifwefly webshop for your favorite design. Or maybe you want to have something designed for a logo, a wall drawing or, for example, a beer mat.

Working from home

As most of you know, nowadays a large group of people are working from home. One can enjoy the freedom, the other craves more structure. We also try to do as much as possible on our own business on days off. We notice that it is sometimes difficult and very difficult to get into a certain rhythm. And at the end of the day we sit in bed looking at each other with a face like a moldy peach and feeling quite unsatisfied. Do you recognize any of this?

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Whatifwefly | Working from home
Whatifwefly | Working from home

A year together with Surf Santa

I've lasted almost a new year with this turd on feet. A chick who gets furious when I leave my wet towel lying around and tap my shoulders questioningly twice when I snore. The girl who only takes tea when I take and always takes the first bite of my plate of food. The girl who always tries to look at the holes at the bottom of my knickers and refuses to touch my toes.

Whatifwefly | Surf Santa

She gets mad when I leave a skid mark and comes to me with a pout if she can't get the lid off a jar. She gets annoyed when I get a bigger bowl of chips than she does and always closes the toilet valve after pressing. In addition, she once won the Dutch National Championships 'Looking stupid'. You will live with it. Yet that happy cup of coffee on such a surfboard makes me happy almost every day with her clumsy, spicy, silly comments.❤️

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Looking back at 2020

It's time to take a look back at the past year. We started the year in Western Australia. We have started an Instagram page here. We did a 6000km trip from Perth to Sydney. We swam with sharks. Lianne let her first breath in the presence of Thom. Thom who ate Portobello. We tasted the new KitKat Gold. Lianne sold her first drawings and we both obtained a PR for eating frikadellen.

Whatifwefly | 2020 was a great year
Whatifwefly | 2020 was a great year

We went viral with a whale movie† We have 5 meters long white sharks seen. We searched for stones together. We talked to alpacas. A hole has formed in every Thom underpants. Thom has stumbled more than in 2019. Lianne has dipped more in coffee than ever before and fell over after her first 500m run. All in all it was another year for me there. Until the next!

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This article was written by Wereldreizigers.nl (World Travelers dot NL) Thomas and Lianne. If you want to know more about their adventures in Australia you can always leave a message in the comments or on their Instagram: @Whatifwefly_ – and of course take a look at their website!

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