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Manly, Australia | A lovely backpackers village to live and surf

Two years ago, Lianne arrived in Manly, a village near Sydney. About 30 minutes from the center of Sydney you will find a place, surrounded by two beaches, with a real holiday atmosphere and where many backpackers stay. Lianne arrived here about two years ago. Thom lived more towards the city, but he was out of Manly after he met Lianne. We have been living in this fantastic spot by the sea for almost a year now.

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Living in Manly

Manly is surrounded by two beaches. One beach for surfing and the other mainly for swimming. These two beaches are connected by a large, long street: the Corso. With all kinds of hip shops and eateries, this is a modern area in the Sydney area, which ensures countless tourists, especially on weekends. During the week, however, it feels like living in paradise. An intense blue sea, good surf waves, the occasional dolphins and whales, but especially the relaxed vibe that hangs here.

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The 'Manly Backpackers Bubble'

Many travelers and backpackers who have ended up in Manly have become indispensable. And once you live in Manly, this is a reason for people not to leave the village. The people are stuck in a bubble, the well-known here Manly Backpackers Bubble.

You actually have everything your heart desires here. It is therefore a place where many Dutch people settle. This is not only young people, but also many families. And quite frankly… if you look around you, this is really a place where you would like to raise your children. It is a safe place, with numerous amenities, next to a natural park and a relatively short distance from a major city. And how nice is it if you can always retreat to your small house close to the beach? We are fans!

Manly vs Bondic

Among young people in Sydney, there always seems to be a battle between Bondi and Manly. Both are beautiful places on the ocean, where surfing is surely number one. For us, the choice was actually made pretty quickly.

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In Manly you have the idea that it is all a little less 'see and be seen'. You can be yourself and you hardly have to take into account how you walk. We regularly just walk to the supermarket in our morning clothes. And yes, you can say that you feel at home.

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Manly, Australia | A wonderful backpackers village to live and surf 9
Surfing Lewis 1 | Manly | Wereldreizigers.nl
Manly, Australia | A wonderful backpackers village to live and surf 10

Manly is highly recommended

So if you ever doubt where to go when you're in Australia is going to live or live as Digital NomadManly is a super good option. Always sea and nature around you, facilities at the top and during a walk you always meet acquaintances. You have to love it, and we do!

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This article was written by Wereldreizigers.nl (World Travelers dot NL) Thomas and Lianne. If you want to know more about their adventures in Australia you can always leave a message in the comments or on their Instagram: @Whatifwefly_ – and of course take a look at their website!

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