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Life in Australia | Posing, studying and moving

Thom and Lianne live and work in Australia† They have been staying in this beautiful country for almost two years and write nice blogs in addition to Wereldreizigers.nl also regularly fun and short stories on their Instagram† So follow!

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Succulent Garden | Pose for a photo

When we go somewhere I can set the clock to the fact that at a certain moment Thom, in a very subtle way, announces that I have to post myself for a photo. Taking a sip of my (empty) beer next to a cactus, on a bridge, with my hole in the sand or with the opera house in the background. Sometimes this is fine, often not and he gets that just as subtly flung to his roof. And yet at those moments he often finds a way, which makes me laugh and it's not that bad again.

Last weekend these two sweaty Dutchmen walked in the 'Succulent Garden', a nice piece of garden with cool cacti that belongs to the enormous botanical garden of Sydney. Here the roles were reversed as you can see and this turd posed on feet with all the love for you.

2 years together in Australia

Some of you may be familiar with the story about little rosewater cock and his orange blouse. ? He came exactly 2 years ago Bondi Beach suffered when he saw a blond thrust with a bottle of wine in her hand, with the top button of her pants open. We both never expected that we have been together for almost a year and a half now.

As part of 'everything must be celebrated', we spent the weekend together in Seal Rocks† This is a beautiful area about 3 hours drive from Sydney† Or as Lianne would say: a beautiful place where serenity and tranquility predominate. It was the first trip with our new car and the low budget camping gear. You understand that everything has not happened as usual. Fortunately, we can make the best of all situations. Okay, and we're lucky that Australians can replace car tires.

The 'Cock Rock'

Sometimes you come across an attribute that really just asks for a photo. Of course, we don't mean to say anything by this photo or Lianne's fondness. What we mainly care about is the exciting power of wind and sand (called wind erosion) that has been changing nature's shape and color for years? After careful deliberation, we decided not to comment further on this beautifully shot photo.

Back to School: Studying in Australia

Lianne never expected to go to school again. Next week the time has come and she will start her study Social Media & Marketing. For many people study in Australia a nice way to spend longer in Australia. For us, of course, too, although we hope that eventually we will actually have something to do with the study.

This week we are going on a hunt for a nice pencil case with accompanying ruler and sharpener. The Pippi Longstocking agenda has now arrived and tonight we are going to cover books. This way I can safely drop off Lianne on her first day of school next Monday. By the way, this is just on the couch, since the first half of the year is online.

Sydney Opera House

Today no happy face from Lianne or a sexy shoot from Thom. Today a sample of artistic photography of the highest level! This is The Opera House in Sydney taken from the Kirribilli district of New South Wales. We are also busy with the move and scrubbing each other's backs. Bye!

About Whatifwefly_

This article was written by Wereldreizigers.nl (World Travelers dot NL) Thomas and Lianne. If you want to know more about their adventures in Australia you can always leave a message in the comments or on their Instagram: @whatifwefly_ – and of course take a look at their website!

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