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Life in Australia | Student Visa and Life as a Digital Nomad

Thom and Lianne live and work in Australia† They have been staying in this beautiful country for almost two years and regularly write nice blogs during their stay in this beautiful country Wereldreizigers.nl† So follow! Curious what happened in the past week Australië went through their minds? Then read on quickly!

A leap into the deep

Lianne is terrified of cockroaches and needles. Thom shits his pants for big Australian spiders, snakes or when the KitKatjes are gone. This is one of the reasons why we have heard that it is good to take a step into the deep every now and then. Hence this cool photo. Do you think this is trite? That is possible, but then have a conversation with a block of wood. They don't have it easy either.

A leap into the deep
A leap into the deep

It feels nice to know where you want to go just the two of you. Having a goal gives a kind of peace in your pan. Driving around Australia with the camper, I can't imagine anything cooler.

Sultry looking and future plans

Last week we participated in an Australian championship 'sultry looking'. It's up to you to guess how many we have become. Lianne often finds it sexy when I make my eyes small. Fortunately she is lucky that my eyes already have the diameter of a baboon's navel. I myself sometimes call Lianne a dope, because sometimes her eyes seem to fall out of her head when I give her a tap on the back of her head. No, looking sexy isn't exactly our specialty. Nine times out of ten there is still chocolate milk in the mustache or aioli in the corner of the mouth. Anyway.

Our dream: living as a Digital Nomad in Australia
Our dream: living as a Digital Nomad in Australia

digital nomads

Outside of this bullshit, it might still be nice to know how we like the days Digital Nomad get through. We have been in Australia for quite some time and of course that has to be paid for somewhere. Lianne therefore started selling her cool designs some time ago, example here .

I mainly work on construction because that's just making good money here in Australia. As a side-hustle I often deal with bitcoin and checking crypto rates.

Student Visa in Australia

As you can undoubtedly see, Lianne is happy by the way. Very happy. Last week we had our student visa requested. Lianne who is going to study and I who can hitch a ride. A significant investment, but at least we can still legally stay in Australia for the time being and work with it. Let's just hope that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies keep quiet, or rise sharply of course… That would at least give some peace of mind in the wallet. All in all, the student visa is a nice prospect that also gives us time to think about how we live our lives as Digital Nomad to focus further.

Lianne is happy, we have applied for a student visa in Australia!
Lianne is happy, we have applied for a student visa in Australia!

We also spoiled ourselves with a little vacation before I have to take Lianne with her Dora lunch box to school for the first time. At the end of January we are going on holiday to Tasmania. Climbing through the mountains, beautiful beaches, penguins and above all adventure! And that remains the very – very nicest thing to do. And as every man knows: 'A happy wife means a happy life. So yes?

Traveling with a Campervan

Where we used to regularly have to go to the campsite with our chubby buttocks with mom and dad France, that's different now. Today, like countless people, we travel a lot in a campervan† We paid for this bus (you guessed it) with bitcoin, or rather the profit we made with it.

And for us this has become the nicest way to travel, it #vanlife we like life! You have everything with you and can come and go, wherever and whenever you want.

Traveling with a campervan is very nice in Australia
Traveling with a campervan is very nice in Australia

A roll of toilet paper under your armpit and always with your sand feet in your nest. Nothing is too crazy and that is exactly what we love! What is your favorite way to travel????????

Blue Mountains & Baltzer Point

Last weekend we were able to see one of the beautiful things of life in Australia again. We got up early to go to the Blue Mountains, an area about 2.5 hours drive from Sydney, to go. Here we have the hike to the Balzer Point We'd done it, were it not for the fact that we both had a lot of trouble from an evening of chopping beer. It was 1,5 hours of walking with a nasty, sour taste in the throat, itchy eyes, a sweaty crotch and the Australian sun on your pan. And if you thought the inside of a croquette can be hot, try a day in the Australian sun† They seem to call it a relaxing day out.

Australia Blue Mountains & Baltzer Point
Australia Blue Mountains & Baltzer Point

The average distance between me and Lianne is often about 20 meters, since Lianne gets a little worse on a short night. Or did this have something to do with the miserable air that came out of Thom's arie? All in all, the view was more than enjoyable and that makes it more than worth such torture. However, there were an awful lot of flies that really bothered you everywhere. So, finally, a question for the men among us. Have you ever had a fly on your cap while peeing in public? Not unfortunately.

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