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Advertise on Wereldreizigers.nl (Media kit) 4

Do you want to advertise to a very specific audience? Wereldreizigers.nl inspires thousands of people every day for their next trip. A very nice and enthusiastic target group to advertise to! Want to know more? Below you will find more information about our website in an extensive media kit.

About Wereldreizigers.nl

Wereldreizigers.nl is the number XNUMX source of information and inspiration for anyone who loves to travel and wants to learn more about our beautiful world. We post informative articles, the latest travel news, wonderful travel stories, travel tips and itineraries daily. Get inspired! Get on board!

And now that you've read the super motivating text above, I'd like to explain who we are and where we come from. First of all, I (Chris, 39) own this website. Together with my wife (Malou 33), I run this website. But the website is not just about us. Our team consists of a select group of real travel enthusiasts. Currently, about 10 bloggers write new articles every week.

Together with the team we want to see all the beauty of the world and share it with our readers. We are therefore constantly looking for new, special travel destinations. Every year we want to check as many beautiful places, activities and countries of our bucketlist.  We couldn't imagine our lives any other way.

On Wereldreizigers.nl the different world travelers like to share their travel stories en travel tips with you. It doesn't matter if you are a camper, backpacker, flash packer or 5-star hotel enthusiast; there is plenty of quality content for every kind of traveler. Be inspired by experienced travelers for your next holiday, city trip or maybe even world trip!

Overview of website statistics Q1 and Q2 2023


  • Number of visitors (average per month): 210.000
  • Average time on page: 2 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Conversions: 13 k
  • Bounce rate: 74%
  • ahrefs domain authority: 44final match.
  • Incoming links: +- 15 k
  • Organic search terms: 113 k
  • Organic traffic: 89%
  • Direct Traffic: 7%
  • Other traffic (socials and referrals): 4%


  • Facebook page followers: 15 k+*
  • Facebook page members (travel groups): 29 k+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 4.5k +
  • Instagram followers: 7.800** (discontinued – page was removed in 2022 due to ongoing disagreement with Instagram about our 'permanent residential location').

* The reach of messages on our Facebook channel varies between 45.000 and 130.000 per month.

** (discontinued – our Instagram page was removed in 2022 due to persistent disagreement about our 'permanent residential location'). Unfortunately, Instagram's algorithms have not proven to be able to properly deal with our travel behavior. We were confronted with automatic blocks again and again and it took a huge amount of time to remove the blocks each time. Given that content on Instagram is only visible for 24 to 48 hours and hardly converts, we decided to remove the page entirely.

Did you know: Wereldreizigers.nl stands out from other websites in the same niche by writing in-depth quality articles? In addition to the simple top 7 and top 10 lists that you often encounter on the internet, we regularly write in-depth articles about a product, destination or experience. A significant portion of our blogs are over 3000 words – well above the industry average.

General website information

Google News optimized

We understand that both search engines and advertisers are looking for trustworthy consistency en speed. Our website is therefore fully Google optimized and built according to the very latest speed and SEO techniques Google Core Web Vitals. Since 2022 we have also been successfully registered with Google News . Several articles have since ended up in the Google News & Discover feed.

Website authority

It is important for advertisers that sufficient visitors come to a website. On the other hand, advertisers find it important that a website is sufficiently authoritarian. Obtaining a link from an authoritarian website has more value than a link from a smaller, less authoritarian website. Website authority largely determines your rankings in, among other things, the Google results.

Wereldreizigers.nl scores above average in terms of website authority. With 15.000 completely organically obtained incoming links, including from some top domains such as Wikipedia, Wix, TopGear, Nieuws.nl, Bing and Google, the website has risen to a leading status in recent years. domain score of 44/100 on ahrefs, the world's largest and most famous SEO tool.

Search traffic and conversions (Jul-Aug-Sep 2023)

Our visitor numbers have declined slightly in recent months. Wereldreizigers.nl Although it still scores very strongly in Google. The last 90 days the website is almost Shown 30 million times in Google searches. More than half a million people visited our website via these searches in the past 90 days.

Despite the declining visitor numbers, we are seeing a nice increase in numbers conversions. We have optimized many pages recently to increase the number of conversions. The new conversion concept is now applied as standard for new articles.

Search traffic and conversions | advertising | Wereldreizigers.nl
Advertise on Wereldreizigers.nl (Media kit) 5


Below is a basic overview of the demographics of Wereldreizigers.nl. The age group 25-34 is strongly represented with 25% of the total. Another important and striking fact is that no less than 55% of our website visitors is 35 years or older. 58% of our readers are female.

degraphy age world travelers | advertising | Wereldreizigers.nl
Advertise on Wereldreizigers.nl (Media kit) 6

The Netherlands is the best represented country among our visitors with 62%, followed by 19% from abroad Belgium. Over the past year, traffic from European countries has grown due to on-site translation capabilities. About 14% of visitors currently come from Germany, this number is growing. The other 5% visitors come from France, Sweden, the United States and various other countries within and outside Europe.

Advertising, pricing

Collaborate or advertise with Wereldreizigers.nl? You can get a complete overview of all options and associated rates here to look at.

Note: Marketing agencies that can provide Advertorial assignments on a regular basis receive a 10 to 20% discount (in consultation), depending on the number of assignments per year.

Advertorial conditions:

  • Articles must relate to travel, outdoors or photography.
  • Articles should have an informative and informal character.
  • Articles are professionally written and at least 750 words.
  • Articles are posted with do-follow links.
  • Maximum 2 do-follow links to the same domain.

The other conditions can be found in the pricelist.

Collaborations and press trips

In addition, many other custom options are possible, such as a product review. Press trips are also possible. Because we have a varied team of bloggers (in terms of age, gender and interests), a lot is possible, even in the (very) short term.

Below are some examples of recent collaborations:

Want to know more? Contact us!


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