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Chaos and beauty
Africa , the continent where you can lose yourself in the vast savannas, densely wooded jungles and scorching deserts. The unreal chaos in cities like Kinshasa , Lagos or Accra blends effortlessly with the quiet beauty of African nature. Travelers who have visited Africa often describe the continent as magical. Nowhere else can you find so much diversity in so many different countries (54 to be exact).

African Wilderness

Of course everyone knows the images of poverty, despair and war. But that's only part of the story of this ancient continent. Africa is seen by anthropologists as the birthplace of man. It is an area through which you can travel endlessly, from the Niger Delta in Nigeria and the pyramids in Egypt to the famous Serengeti Park Tanzania and the beautiful Table Mountain South Africa † Nowhere else will you encounter so much wildlife. Gazelles, zebras and giraffes graze around while on a safari you may just come across lifelike elephants, hippos or lions. If you're lucky, you'll even come across The Big Five. The continent is beautiful and diverse and can therefore not be missed during your world trip.

Cycling through South Africa

You can choose from all kinds of different trips. Of course there are the well-known organized (bus) trips, but there are also other ways to experience Africa intensely. Go crazy, take a bike in South Africa and feel truly African for a few days. Or rent a car in Zambia and dive deep into the interior. You will only be able to experience the freedom you feel in the vast areas here. Africa will not disappoint you!

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