Central Africa

A hotbed full of unrest, chaos, violence and tension. Unfortunately, these are currently the words that best describe the Central African Republic – sometimes referred to as Central Africa. Once colonized by the French, it has been an independent state since 1960. Yet this country, which lies in the middle of Africa and is surrounded by Chad, Sudan, Congo-Kinshasa and Cameroon, among others, has never really succeeded in creating a stable and peaceful climate. Since independence, the republic has been plagued by fraud, violent presidents and ethnic tensions.

Muslims and Christians
In recent years, the tension and unrest has not diminished and in fact increased. This country, one of the poorest in the world, has been in civil war since 2012. It is mainly the Muslims and Christians who are trying to kill each other. Despite Cameroon and France lending a helping hand to somewhat get the Central African Republic back on its feet, there seems to be no solution in sight. Capital Bangui is still a place of chaos every day. You are clearly not in the right place for a safe holiday.

Natural Beauty in Central Africa
You would almost forget but this country is one of the most beautiful countries on the entire continent. The waterfalls of Les Chutes de la Mbi are a beautiful tribute to Mother Nature. The Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park, near the border with Chad, is also a magnificent example of what Africa has to offer. Do you still want to make the trip to this beautiful but tormented country? Make sure you are well prepared and that you are aware of the latest developments.

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