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Well hidden in southeastern Africa, rubbing against the Indian Ocean, lies one of Africa's well-hidden secrets: Mozambique. After this country had to submit to Portuguese rule for years, it decided to go through life independently in 1975. You can still see the Portuguese influences in small towns and deserted islands. But Mozambique is now a beautiful country that has much more to offer. The capital Maputo, for example, is wonderfully authentic with winding streets and bustling markets.

Diving in Mozambique

The coastline along the Indian Ocean is unprecedented. This long coast has almost 2.700 km. White beaches with swaying palm trees, coral reefs in the water and fantastic marine life. Divers are in the right place here. Travel to the archipelagos of Quirimbas or Bazaruto. Beautiful coral and hundreds of fish species sparkle underwater. The beaches are also lovely. Not too touristy and always warm, each island is a mini paradise.

African Natural Parks

In Africa it's really just part of it: safaris and jungle tours. In Mozambique you can visit several national parks. Visit Banhine National Park with extensive wetlands where buffalo, zebra, ibex and ostrich roam. Or Gorongosa National Park with its many impalas and elephants. Limpopo and Zinave are also parks where you can discover the real Africa.


On the other side of the border with South Africa is the Kruger National Park and to the north, Limpopo borders the Gonarezhou National Park, Manjinji Pan Sanctuary and Malipati Safari Area in Zimbabwe. The three countries involved have taken the initiative to merge these parks in due course. This creates a wildlife park of 35.000 km²! Do you want to know more about it? Then surf to www.greatlimpopopark.com.

Gorongosa National Park is located in the middle of Mozambique. In this mountainous area you will find zebras, lions, hippos and monkeys. Read more about it at www.gorongosa.net. The Niassa Game Reserve is located on the border with Tanzania. The park covers no less than 42.000 km² and is fairly undiscovered. The variety of game is great. You can spot elephants, sable antelope, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, hippo, lion and leopard. The best time to visit the park is from May to December.


Since 1534 there has been a Portuguese trading post in the town of Inhambane. That makes it one of the oldest cities in southern Africa. The city is located on a wide bay. The Portuguese built a cathedral there at the end of the 18th century. You can also taste the Arab atmosphere in Inhambane. The mosque is also from the 18th century. This used to be the trading place for slaves, ivory and spices. Slightly outside the city are the towns of Tofo and Barra, known for their beautiful beaches and fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Mozambique | Hidden Gem in Africa

I'm guessing that Mozambique is missing from many a travel destination list. And whether that is a pity….? Maybe not. Because that's why Mozambique is still one of the hidden gems on our planet. Ever by...

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