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Boulders Beach: the nicest penguin hotspot in Cape Town

Penguins who doesn't know these cute animals? Normally you see them on the screen of your television, Iphone or Ipad waddling around in their natural environment such as Antartica† If you want to see them in real life, you quickly go to the zoo to admire them. but what if I tell you that you can now spot these sweet animals in the wild and even swim with them? Yes, you read that right, swimming! you can on Boulders beach namely walking around between the penguins and because they are used to people they do not run away. When you arrive you will meet the beautiful black-footed penguins, characterized by their cute white belly and black back and flanks. This species only occurs in South Africa and to the Namibian coast. All the more special to admire these cuties!

Boulders beach

Boulders Beach owes its name to the many rocks that lie on the sheltered beach. Because of the many rocks there are many coves and the ideal place for penguins to stay. The beach is located on the Cape Peninsula near the cute and well-known surfer's village of Simon's Town. If you drive to the South of the Cape Peninsula in the direction of Cape Point, you can hardly miss Boulders beach. Among the locals, Boulders beach is also known as Boulders bay beach and you may understand that it is a popular place among tourists. The beach is also part of the Table Mountain National Park, where the black-footed penguins have been housed since 1982.

Boulders Beach - Black-footed Penguins
Boulders Beach – Black-footed Penguins

Best places to spot the penguins

To spot the penguins, it's nice to know exactly where you need to be to have the best spot. Of course it is nice to stare at the animals from a distance, but of course you prefer to be next to them. This is certainly possible. When you arrive at Boulders beach you will soon be taken to the crowd where you can admire the penguins from a large deck. If you follow the decking paths, you will soon notice that you cannot reach them and that this is generally very busy.

My tip? Don't follow the crowd, do your own research. In this way we arrived at a beach a bit further than the platform, where most penguins are usually located. If you walk onto the beach, you won't see many of these cute bipeds at the beginning, but if you walk past a number of rocks, you soon notice that you encounter more groups. One penguin is sleeping well and the other looks dreamily at the sea. Do you want to know how to get to Boulders Beach on this beach? Then read my extensive blog here .

In addition to the beach and the well-known deck paths, it is also possible that you see a penguin walking past through the streets of the village further up. The penguins sometimes want to get off the beach to explore the area further, just like us.

Best time to travel

If you are looking forward to spotting this cute penguin, it is of course useful to know the best time to visit this place. The answer? All year round! Since this is the habitat of the penguins, they will almost always be there. Of course Cape Town, like any other country, has different seasons and the weather is not always good. To be more sure that the weather conditions during your holiday to Cape Town are also pleasant, I would advise you to plan your holiday between the months of November to March. During this period it is summer in Cape Town and you have a chance of more sun and wonderful temperatures.

Boulders beach

How do you get to Boulders Beach?

If you are on holiday in Cape Town, I recommend that you rent a car. Some highlights are located a short drive outside Cape Town, so it is useful to be flexible with regard to transport. Boulders beach is also best visited by car. This way you are not dependent on certain times or others, so you can determine how long you want to spend here. In addition, it is also nice to combine a visit to Boulders beach with several highlights. Coming from the center of Cape Town? Then follow the M3 and M4 roads.

Visit Boulders Beach? Read all the tips on sherulestheglobe.nl!

On the blog of sherulestheglobe.nl you will find a complete Boulders Beach Travel Guide with all the tips to make your visit to this fun hotspot unforgettable. Also check out the other ones South Africa blogs.


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