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Must sees Egypt | 7x treasure hunts in the ancient desert

AIf there is one country where you can still find hidden treasures of inestimable value, it is Egypt. The history of this country goes back many thousands of years. The country's first ruler, King Menes, ruled here as early as 3200 BC! This was followed by many Egyptian dynasties and a whole series of kings and pharaohs. Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks, arabs, Fatimids, mamluks en Ottomans, all were once the undisputed rulers of this great country. Countless wars and battles were fought. Kingdoms were plundered and treasures were hidden. It could just be that another one is hidden in the vast Sahara or in the historic surroundings of Luxor and Aswan. Want to take a fabulous journey that will take you back to the world of mythical pharaohs and menacing sphinxes? Then take the plane and travel within four hours to the capital Cairo to start the adventure of a lifetime as a blood fanatic Indiana Jones! To help you on your way, we have already collected 7 real must-sees of Egypt in this article.

7x absolute must-sees in Egypt

1. Khan El-Khalili .'s Bazaar

Khan El-Khalili's Bazaar, must sees Egypt
Khan El-Khalili .'s Bazaar

Arriving in Cairo, there's no better way to start your scavenger hunt than a stroll around Khan El-Khalili's bazaar. The small streets with colorful carpets, the stalls with crockery, plates and pans, shops with beautiful lamps and furniture: you feel that you are in a city where people have lived from trade for thousands of years. The pleasant chaos and noisy crowds immediately make you realize that this is a different country than our calm The Netherlands† Egypt immediately shows its face in Khan El-Khalili and therefore cannot stay away from the list of must-sees in Egypt.

2. Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Museum

After warming up in the bazaar for your treasure hunt, the next must-see destination is Cairo's mighty Egyptian Museum, arguably the most beautiful and impressive museum in the world. You can see all Egyptian culture, art and wealth of the past centuries here. Tutankhamun's tomb, his golden throne and over 100.000 antique pieces are on display here. A tour of this museum is a bizarre glimpse into the world of Ancient Egypt. You will be dazzled by irresistible showpieces. Yet experts believe that three-quarters of Egypt's treasures are still hidden and untraceable, somewhere underground in the sweltering desert sand. Or hidden in the dark rooms of the pyramids of Giza.

3. Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza, must sees egypt
Pyramids of Giza

Cairo is surrounded by antiquity. The pyramids of Giza, which are also in Cairo, are said to have been built around 2500 BC. And the three pyramids – Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos – still stand upright. Guarded by the Sphinx of Giza, a landmark in its own right, they keep their secrets indoors. Of course you also have to enter the pyramids to walk like a seasoned Indiana Jones through a maze of dark corridors and narrow canals. We don't have to explain to anyone that this is the highlight and absolute must-see of Egypt. In the pyramid of Cheops you eventually end up in the carved burial chamber surrounded by granite. You hear yourself breathing, your heart is pounding in your throat. This is the ancient Egypt of mummies and sun gods. And you wonder, what else is there to discover in the dusty and dark corridors of these pyramids?

4. The Old City of Memphis

Memphis, must sees Egypt
Memphis, must sees Egypt

20 kilometers from Cairo is the ancient city of Memphis, located on the west bank of the Nile. This city was once famous and infamous. Now the village of Mit Rahina is located where large white walls once protected the city. Still, a stopover in Mit Rahina is definitely worth it and earns it a spot on the list of must-sees in Egypt. A towering sphinx welcomes you from afar. One and a half kilometers from Memphis is Sakkara (also called Saqqara), a necropolis where numerous funerary monuments can be found. Here you will encounter 15 pyramids, the most famous of which is the 'stepped' pyramid of Djoser. It is bizarre to see how much attention the Egyptians paid to their dead. Wealth was buried with the dead. What else could be found in this area? What secrets hide among the ruins of this necropolis?

5. Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt
Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt

Time to catch the bus and continue the journey to Luxor, the sacred center of Egypt. The must-see here is the Koningsvallei, also known as the Valley of the Kings. The temples, the rocks, the carved statues and columns take your breath away. You can hardly imagine that all the monuments in this valley were built with bare hands. In the valley you descend into the tombs of the pharaohs. You would almost forget that you live in the 21st century and not in a distant past surrounded by gods and the mystique of kings and religion. You will also immediately understand why Luxor and its valley are so important to the country. You will not soon encounter such an overwhelming landscape.

6. Karnak, the Temple of Temples

Karnak Temple, Egypt

After you have feasted your eyes on the Valley of the Kings, you step on an old-fashioned wooden boat and sail straight across the Nile to Karnak, the undisputed Temple of the Temples of Egypt and, in our opinion, the holy grail of the must-see list. It is also the final destination of this incredible journey. You have now arrived on the east bank of the Nile. The colonnade of Karnak with its 134 columns is the largest in the world. You can only dream about how the Egyptians built this temple. The environment and the monuments here are absolutely impressive. The temple complex was built in honor of the ancient god Amun. You can spend hours wandering through the passages and corridors of this temple, looking for clues about hidden treasures. Through Karnak, Egypt will effortlessly conquer your heart as the ultimate travel destination.

7. Abu Simbel Temple Complex

Are you not yet bored with historical Egypt and do you still have time for another must-see? Then travel to the temple of Abu Simbel, 260 km south of the city of Aswan. A trip by plane or an hour-long drive through the desert, the choice is yours. Once you arrive at the temple you will not be disappointed. It is a must see with gigantic statues, beautiful columns and a temple that is completely carved out of the rock.

Abu Simbel, must sees Egypt
Abu Simbel, Egypt
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